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B2 First (FCE) Reading and Use of English Part 2.

The reading and use of English paper has 7 parts in total and they cover both grammar and vocabulary. You have 52 questions to answer in 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are a range of questions types and not all questions are of equal value – some are worth one mark and others two marks. This part is essential to obtain a good score to the Cambridge: B2 First.

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What’s in Part 2?

Part 2 is made up of 8 questions and the question type here is open cloze. This means that you will be given a text with missing words and you have to think of a word to complete the sentences. Unlike part 1, you are not given options of words to choose from. Each question is worth one mark. The part focuses on testing your grammar and vocabulary.

Answering this type of question.

It really comes down to your understanding of grammar and vocabulary. You can practice this type of question using exam materials and the missing words tend to be common vocabulary or structure that is used a lot. The best way to practice this, other than test papers, would be to keep reading. Newspaper articles are good for this. It is about looking at the language in between the big vocabulary words sometimes. It really just depends on the questions you get.

Here is an example of a part 2 question.

The truth is out there

The existence of UFOs is probably one of the most controversial subjects today. Thousands of people around the world (0)……………….. claim to have seen unidentified objects in the sky can nowadays, thanks to their mobile phones, document and share (1)……………….. experiences on the internet. The latest UFO sighting (2)……………….. recorded just last weekend in Cape Town. A meteorologist was taking weather observations outside town, when he saw a luminous disk moving smoothly across his field of vision. He was able to film the event and follow the object with a theodolite, a precision instrument for measuring angles, (3)……………….. indicated that the disk was at an altitude above 7,000 meters. (4)……………….. you are a believer or not, (5)……………….. are so many reports on UFOs that it is impossible to be ignorant on the matter. We have to admit that while many sightings have a reasonable explanation, (6)……………….. are undeniably inexplicable. Perhaps in the near future we’ll have the advanced technology that will allow us to explore further in space and find the answers to the questions that we´ve been asking (7)……………….. for so long. After all, science relies (8)……………….. curiosity.

So here you just have to write your answers… What do you think they could be? Why not try this activity? (answers are the end of the article)

Keep studying…

Using online study solutions is a great way of getting instant feedback on your practice test papers or study questions. GlobalExam can help you with that. When you have completed an exercise with can check your answers instantly and we also add explanations as to why it is that answer. You will have areas to practice grammar, vocabulary, and full test practice.

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Good luck!