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Methods to improve your professional English

If you are working in an English language business environment, you may find that you don’t quite understand what is said at a meeting. Maybe, you receive an email and you’re not sure what some of the abbreviations or expressions mean. Perhaps, you have to call people and use English, but you don’t feel very confident, or you might feel frustrated because you can’t really communicate the subtleties that you want.

Whatever the reason is, you know that you need to improve your Business English if you want to do well in your job and improve your career aspects.

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What can you do?

A course at a school

Taking an English course at a college or language school is an option, but they may not offer courses that address your specific situation, and you really don’t want to sit through a course that isn’t relevant to you. Also, you may be very busy and not want to travel to a school many kilometers away from your workplace. On the plus side, you will meet people and possibly make friends or a good business contact.


You could buy a good book that has a DVD and self-study. This is really convenient. You don’t have to buy a book as you could probably borrow one from your local library. You can study when you choose, but the issues are self-discipline and feedback. Will you study regularly or intermittently? Intermittent studying isn’t very effective. Also, when you study alone, there isn’t anyone to explain tricky points or why you have a wrong answer.


Another alternative is to study online. The main problem is that a lot of websites offer a jumble of English without any real plan or path to follow. Additionally, the materials may not be what you need, and there probably isn’t any teaching support. You need to be sure that any website that you use offers good materials, feedback, teaching support, clear paths to follow that are relevant to your needs.

Follow our tips to learn English online and make rapid progress, as well as our tips to stay motivated when learning English online.

GlobalExam’s Business English

GlobalExam has what you need if you are a business professional or person working with English. Flexibility and choice are key parts of our services. We don’t like to see people waste their time and money on things that are not important to them, so we have developed a set of courses that are targeted at the business English environment. We understand that using English in the business world isn’t only about the vocabulary and grammar, it’s about the culture and how to say and do things such as negotiate, manage and be polite. With our Business English platform, you will learn the cultural expectations, vocabulary, expressions and soft skills that you need to boost your career.

You will have the opportunity to hone your English speaking and writing, develop awareness through better understanding of written and spoken contexts and be able to express your ideas much more lucidly. Your confidence will improve and with more confidence opportunities will increase.

Take a professional English course.

There are different pathways to follow with our Business English platform. Remember that we value flexibility and choice:

Boost my Skills 

This is the pathway to follow if you have meetings, telephone calls, project management, emails, reception and events, business trips, recruitment, intercultural, sales and negotiation. In addition, you will improve your other forms business writing.

Boost my Career

This is the pathway to follow if you work in marketing, customer service, communication, HR, sales, purchasing, tourism, banking, logistics, and management. There are variety of story driven situations that enable to learn and practice the needed skills.

Boost my Level

This is the pathway to follow if you would like to work on all of the skills that you need whether you are just starting out with English or an expert. You can start your English course online depending on your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Remember, choice and flexibility are a central parts of GlobalExam’s services. We provide you with options. With each of the above pathways, you will have a wide range of materials and services to support your learning. Our Business English platform provides our valued clients all of the following:

  • 25 paths of material, scripted to create a sense of immersion
  • 500 situations to practice and get you ready for the real world.
  • Video coaching with an instructor
  • Detailed feedback on your work; you’ll be are clear on how to fix your errors and improve
  • Certification after the completion of a course
  • Learn how to write a concise and professional email. Why take a course to improve your professional English skills? What are the methods? Discover Business English.

Enthusiastic and helpful staff, a great website and up-to-date materials are also part of our service. We are always updating what we have to offer and striving to make your online learning experience better.

Start training online thanks to the free version of Business English !