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Introduction to learning English online

You realize that you need to improve your English. Most of the classes that you looked at were at times not convenient for you, and you really don’t want to sit in a classroom for a couple of hours after work.

You listened to a couple of friends and decided to try online language learning. You don’t have to rush to a class across town, nor do any homework apparently. Like most people, you need someone pushing you with deadlines, peer pressure, etc. But how do you keep at it? How are you going to ensure that you actually learn English?

Don’t stress out. There are a number of straightforward, very doable steps which you can implement to ensure that when you sign up for online courses, you will benefit from them.

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Learn English online: 10 tips from GlobalExam

  1. What are your goals?

Before you do anything major in life, you need to ask yourself what you hope to achieve by doing it. People just kind of drift into things without thinking about it. You don’t need to think about where you will get you next cup of coffee too intently, but if you are about to spend a year studying a language, you need to be clear what your goals are.

Write your goals on a piece of paper and say them aloud. Visualize them and think how they will benefit you.

  1. How much free time do I have?

Don’t study every day for three weeks and then stop because you are busy with work or home life. Determine how much time you have consistently for the next six months to a year. Be realistic in your assessment of free time because to learn a language, you need consistent, prolonged effort and time. A lot of hours one month and then three hours the next month is not an effective way to study.

  1. Have I made a plan?

Once you know what your goals are and how much time you have available, you can sit down and make a plan. One reason that traditional bricks and mortar language classes work is that they are planned by teachers and schools to follow a set schedule with clear outcomes. You need to do the same. It doesn’t matter if you use a calendar, or your phone to schedule your classes; you just need to do it.

  1. How good is my internet?

Videos, and live online classes aren’t very useful if your screen is freezing regularly. Make sure that you have a good internet plan and don’t rely on the free wi-fi at your local coffee shop. If you’re on a tight budget, check out your local library as they probably have decent internet access and probably have times that you can book.

  1. Where will I study?

Think of a nice quiet space that is free from distractions (yes, you will need to turn-off your social media during study sessions). Maybe you can do this at home, or maybe you will need to go to a local library, but don’t figure that you can study effectively in a busy, noisy location or while watching TV with you family.

We share 10 tips to learn English online and make rapid progress

  1. Should I take breaks during my studying?

YES! We are good for about 40-60 minutes of concentrated mental activity before we need to take a break. A break should consist of movement and getting away from the computer screen. Stretch, drink some water, tea or coffee, look out a window, but don’t simply switch websites and watch videos on YouTube. Schedule your breaks at set times and for set periods. Use your phone alarm or computer to remind you when to take breaks. 10-15 minutes is good enough.

  1. What do I do when I need help?

Before you sign up for any online course, you need to check what online support it offers, so you can ask questions when you are having problems. Also, you can get a couple of good language texts. Having more than one source of information is a good idea.

  1. How does online studying work?

A lot of talk can be heard about online studying, but not many people really have a clear idea of how it works and what the expectations are. Believe it or not, many of the things that you do in a regular classroom: read, study, review, do homework, take tests, or talk to a teacher are things that you have to do in many online courses. Online studying isn’t magical, and it’s not a game; it’s time and effort. Before starting your online English course, it is important to choose your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

  1. What materials does the online course offer?

What sorts of materials will be available: downloadable worksheets, videos, podcasts, audio clips, practice tests, etc. When we attend a school, most of these materials are apparent when the teacher goes over the course outline on the first day. However, for an online course, you need to read over the website carefully and perhaps email a couple of questions. Also, you want to know how the materials are organized so that you have a clear path to follow and are able to plan accordingly. A jumble of downloads isn’t terribly useful to you.

  1. How will I maintain my self-discipline?

Some people are able to make a plan and follow it, but a lot of people have trouble doing so. First of all, when you are making your plan, make a plan that is realistic. Secondly, enlist the aid of family or friends. Tell friends and family when you are studying and why. A friend wouldn’t show up in the middle of a class at a school, so ask friends not to text or call you during your online study sessions. Support from friends and family can be vital for those people who aren’t self-disciplined.

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At GlobalExam, we have a great new Business English program for online study. Our Business English offers three different pathways for you to follow.

Boost my Skills provides you with what you require for meetings, telephone exchanges, project management, business writing, receptions, business trips, recruitment, intercultural, sales and negotiation, along with the needed vocabulary and grammar.

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Boost my Level provides three levels that address all the skills that you need whether a beginner or an expert. You start at the level that matches your current abilities, and you work from there.

The materials that we have to offer you are:

  • Content that is coached and scripted, so you know what to say
  • 25 scripted routes to follow
  • 500 situations from actual working life
  • Video coaching by our instructors

Other Benefits we offer

  • Corrections for questions that are detailed, not just correct/incorrect
  • End of course Certification
  • Help creating your CV in English

There are three levels of study available to you: beginner, intermediate and expert. You can take a test to determine your current level, so you will begin your learning at the level best-suited for you. Take a professional English course online with us.