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Why learn English online?

It’s 5 o’clock and you have just finished a rough day on the job, but you have a 2-hour business English class to attend at 7 o’clock that is 40 minutes away by subway at a college. The course is good, but you are feeling really tired. You won’t get home until 10 o’clock. You also have a 3-hour class for business writing every Saturday morning; it’s a valuable course, but you would really like to sleep in for an extra hour on Saturday.

What if there were an alternative that offered you the option of learning at home and spending less time on the subway? Well, there is. Online courses for English abound. Online courses for business English are available, too. With an online course you can make your own schedule and study at work, at home or anywhere that suits you, so you don’t have to rush to school after work or arrive home exhausted. Go home, eat, shower and then sit down and study. Discover our 10 tips to learn English online and make rapid progress.

Test my level for free

Which level to choose: beginner, intermediate or advanced?

Choosing your own level can be tricky. We are often not good judges of our actual abilities. Many people overestimate their skill and knowledge and some people underestimate their capabilities. In order to make the best use of your time, you need to know which level to start studying at. Usually, in a school, there will be some short test to take and the school uses the results to assign you to the appropriate level What about online? How do you know which level to do? Those tests that schools use are online, too.

One way to figure out if a course or website is worthwhile is to find out if the website has a placement test. It should do. Without a placement test, you are guessing and potentially wasting time, becoming discouraged and giving up. A placement test is necessary and a good website will provide one.

GlobalExam provides a placement test for our Business English program. It is a professional English course online. We are professionals and know our business, and what it takes to learn English effectively. Our Business English has three different levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. You take our placement test to determine your level; this way, you begin studying knowing that you are at an appropriate level and not wasting your precious time.

Develop English skills with the Business English

The world is always changing and so the needs of our clients are always changing. We understand that many people out there work with English or in an English speaking business environment even though they are not native speakers. This is challenging since there isn’t anyone who is likely to sit down with you and explain the business jargon each day. It’s expected that you know or will find out yourself.

Develop English skills with the Business English

We have developed courses attuned to the business world. GlobalExam’s Business English courses are aimed at up and coming professionals in an English language business environment or staff who are using English at work regularly. Business English is its own animal, similar to but not quite like that English you learned in high school or university. Business English has different demands and its own way of saying things, so we developed a platform for essential professional skills in English. These skills aren’t mystical; you can learn how to develop them with time and effort. Knowing what people are saying and writing at work will lead to a greater sense of confidence, participation and satisfaction, a wider variety of English language at your command and a feeling of comfort and confidence when you use English.

GlobalExam’s Business English

GlobalExam’s Business English offers different pathways. There are courses, adapted to different needs, depending on your needs.

What are the options?

Boost my Skills: we designed this one to improve your feelings of confidence dealing with meetings, telephone, project management, emails and writings, reception and events, business trips, recruitment, intercultural, sales and negotiation, vocabulary, and grammar.

Boost my Career: we designed this one for people working in or dealing with marketing, customer service, communication, HR, sales, purchasing, tourism, management, banking, and logistics.

Boost my Level: we designed this one for people who need to improve all the skills that you use at work whether you are a beginner, at an intermediate level or an expert.

At GlobalExam, we value flexibility and choice, so you choose what you need and will launch your career. Don’t sit through hours of unwanted material. Do what works for you.

Business English offers these materials and services:

  • Content with scripts and coaching available
  • 25 scripted paths that involve you and create a sense of immersion
  • 500 situations from real daily real business situations
  • Video coaching with teacher
  • Corrected questions that tell what you have done wrong and how to improve
  • Certification upon completion of each course
  • Learn how to fine tune your English CV and make it professional

Along with all of the above, you will be using a well-designed and thought out website that is attractive and easily navigable. It’s all part of our service at GlobalExam.