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Want to become an ace negotiator in English? The Sales & Negotiation course teaches you how to master the art of negotiation in English by fostering advanced techniques that will influence and persuade others effectively. Guarantee successful negotiations by maximising opportunities and achieving win-win outcomes. Learn how to expand your professional network by building strong relationships with international partners and customers in English.

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Sales & Negotiation Course

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Sales & Negotiation course: what you need to know

Once you’ve achieved one successful negotiation, you’ll start noticing that these business exchanges use a lot of the same expressions and vocabulary. Let’s look at some of the most common phrases you could encounter:

  • To open: shall we take a look at the main points for today’s discussion?
  • To suggest: we propose/recommend that…
  • To agree: I agree with your proposal.
  • To disagree: I’m afraid we don’t see eye to eye on…
  • To compromise: Would you agree to…in exchange for…?
  • To clarify: I just want to make sure I understood this part correctly..

Knowing how to negotiate in English is a delicate thing. It requires a good foundation in grammar and vocabulary for clear communication, as well as the confidence and flexibility to adapt your communication skills to an evolving situation.

To start off, you’ll need to learn the appropriate expression and phrases to express yourself, to agree, to refute, and to challenge. You’ll also need to have enough vocabulary to cover the subject of your negotiation, as well as all the relevant politeness formulas.

However, negotiation isn’t only about using the appropriate words and phrases. Different cultures have different expectations and norms. What works well with a German firm may not work with an English company. The business etiquette in Greece is probably not the business etiquette in England.

At GlobalExam, we understand this concept well, so we have incorporated culture into our new Business programs.

Let’s take a look at some sample exercises that you can use to practice negotiation skills:

Sample exercises to learn how to negotiate in english

This exercise looks at a common negotiation phrase and requires you to have a good knowledge of English syntax. And another one:

Sample exercises to learn how to negotiate in english

This exercise asks you to put three keywords into the correct place in the sentence. This is a good example of an opening negotiation phrase.

If you want to be the best possible business negotiator you can, here are our top ten tips. Read and learn:

  1. Know what your objective is before you go in: be clear on what you want to get out of the negotiation.
  2. Identify your biggest asset: know your value and leverage it.
  3. Leave behind any instinct to “people please”: this is business, so don’t feel like the aim is to make your partner like you, it’s about securing what’s best for you.
  4. Be fair…: don’t take advantage of your partner, even if you have the upper hand.
  5. But don’t expect a fair result from a bad business partner: it’s safer to assume that your partner might try to take advantage of you, so be on alert.
  6. Be realistic…: look for a good deal, but don’t expect a steal.
  7. And be prepared to compromise, or back down: knowing when to accept a compromise is a strength in negotiation.
  8. Always keep it polite: even in the most difficult negotiation, there’s no reason to let respect go out the window.
  9. Always tell the truth: being dishonest will only secure you a shady deal.
  10. Keep emotions out of it:this is business, and it’s not personal.

Negotiating and selling are skills like any other in that they can be mastered if you take the time to learn them. And what’s more, it’s possible to learn English negotiation and sales techniques online. On GlobalExam, we’ve got a whole module dedicated to nurturing this skill. In the “Sales & Negotiation” part of our platform, you can learn:

  • To negotiate and conclude sales
  • To discuss your company and products
  • To use expressions for persuading and convincing
  • To ensure success in your business exchanges
  • To develop your professional network

You can learn how to sell on GlobalExam across three levels: beginner; intermediate; and advanced. As you progress from one level to the next, the topics, grammar, and vocabulary will become more challenging.

Find out more and learn top 10 tips to stay motivated when learning English online.

When you sign up to learn Business with GlobalExam, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your language skills with native, TESOL-qualified English teachers through virtual lessons. If mastering negotiations is your goal, we recommend booking an individual 30-minute lesson with one of our teachers to focus on the skill and benefit from one-on-one tuition and practice.

Alternatively, you can participate in one-hour group lessons on set themes, such as making phone calls, planning a meeting, and giving a presentation. Group lessons take place at set times each week and are limited to a maximum of six learners.

Business has specific needs such as negotiating. A general English course cannot cover Business in the detail that is needed for you to succeed in your workplace. That’s why we have created a new set of courses that are only for Business. You need to know how to negotiate, not just the words and phrases, but the cultural aspects as well.

With GlobalExam’s new Business platform, you will learn the soft skills, the culture, the vocabulary and a host of other aspects, which are crucial to career success in an English speaking business environment. You’ll develop greater confidence with better understanding and new opportunities will become available. We offer three pathways for you with our new platform:

Boost my Skills is intended to get you ready to function effectively in topics such as writing a professional email, managing a project,managing interculturality, recruitment, answering the phone, travelling in business, conducting a meeting or greeting a client. We give you the needed grammar and vocabulary for these topics, too.

Boost My Career is intended to enable you to handle marketing, communication, human resources, sales, purchasing, CSM or management. A variety of story driven activities on this pathway allow for a creative and realistic means to practice. Negotiation is mainly used in the Purchasing sector.

Boost my Level is intended to develop a wide range of business skills, according to your level beginner, intermediate or expert). Our free online English test will ensure that you start at the suitable level.

Flexibility and the ability to choose is a key part of GlobalExam’s services. That’s why we provide options. We don’t want to waste your valuable time and money on things that you don’t need.

Our new Business platform has the following:

  • Twenty-five paths, scripted for an immersive experience
  • Five hundred real-world situations for you to practice with
  • Video coaching with a teacher
  • Content that is scripted with
  • Detailed feedback on questions. You’ll know what the problem was and how to fix it
  • Certification for completing each course
  • English CV writing, making your CV clear and professional

In addition, you’ll also have access to a well-designed website, attractive and navigable. Not to mention our team of dedicated professionals, who strive to bring about your success.