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English is a language that is used for every purpose around the world. It is the only language that is and should be known by most countries. World trade is carried out in this language. Therefore it is important to learn English. Apart from these reasons, if you do not know English, you will miss out on some of the world’s best literature. Reading the original works of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Dickens, Bronte and other great writers is an achievement in itself.

Discover our tips to learn more English vocabulary!

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The Importance of Vocabulary When Learning A Language

What is the purpose of learning a language when you do not understand or know different words in that language? You cannot deliver your message correctly by learning only a few simple terms. One has to learn a wide variety of words to communicate well with others. You can hold a substantial conversation with native speakers too if you learn the vocabulary of a language. The synonyms of the same word are used in different ways. Why? Because each word has a different intensity and connotations. For example, in English “love” and “affection” are synonyms but affection is a mild liking while love has a deeper and more profound meaning. Having a lot of vocabulary in English allows you to improve your level of written and spoken English.

GlobalExam’s Top 10 Tips to Learn English Vocabulary

To learn vocabulary, there are many different ways. Try the following simple tips to widen your English vocabulary.

  • Use A Phone Dictionary

The advantage of downloading an offline dictionary on the phone is that it is handy and always available. You do not need the internet to use it. There is a “word of the day” every day. Learn that word with all its synonyms and antonyms. One word a day can teach you many other words.

  • Learn Details of the Words

Whenever you come across a word, never ignore its details. Learning the origin of the word, its synonyms and antonyms, the idioms that word is used in, and all such details regarding that single word will teach you twenty or so new words. 

  • Read Plenty

To perfect a language, one must read, read and read. Read stories written in that language. Start from simple articles and stories such as children’s books, then move on to novels and newspaper. Reading acquaints you to new words. Do not forget to search up the new words.

  • Keep A Diary

Whatever word you learn each day, write in your diary. Keeping a journal can help in unbelievable ways. Writing down will commit those words to your memory.

Learn English Vocabulary with GlobalExam

  • Listen To Audiobooks

English audiobooks are available on YouTube and other applications like Audiobooks or Castbox. Listen to audiobooks of novels and poetry in English. This will teach you not just new words but also their pronunciation. Discover our tips for learning to speak English without an accent.

  • Watch English Movies/Shows/Documentaries

Some people learn better by watching stuff. So watch English videos. Watch reality programs as those are often not scripted. Scripted shows and movies are also a good way of learning formal words.

  • Converse In English

No book can teach you better than a conversation. Books and videos are one-sided. You have to put in the entire struggle. Conversation with an expert or a native can help you learn the language fast. It also teaches you all the everyday and commonly used words of English. Therefore, online coaches who converse with you directly can add a lot to your knowledge of vocabulary. Make friends who are well-informed in English and talk to them regularly.

  • Play Games

There are multiple word games available. Scrabble, for instance, is fun to play and at the same time, it is informative. Word games are available on phone too. There is a virtual scrabble. Newspapers have crossword puzzles that you solve by brain-wrecking.

  • Take Online Quizzes

Many platforms such as GlobalExam offer online quizzes. Dictionaries have word games and quizzes too. While solving the quizzes, a word or two might get saved in your head. Use it while writing or speaking English. 

  • Practice With Business English

GlobalExam offers a program called Business English. It is an extensive and simple course that train the students according to their level (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Our platform helps you stay motivated when learning English online.

Learn English online with GlobalExam

Business English, our course, has three paths- competence, career and levels. All these paths serve their different purposes. There is also coached and scripted content available. It helps build the vocabulary of the participant and also guides him or her throughout. Different situations in working life (as available on Business English) can teach the common words used in the English language.

Now that you are aware of the multiple ways that can improve your English vocabulary, get to work. The process of learning the vocabulary can take some time but you have to stay persistent. Make up your mind that you want to do this and you will do it as it is commonly said, “Nothing is impossible to those who are determined to make their dreams a reality.” Persevere and you will soon be a master of English vocabulary.