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HSK 3 – Online Training

As for level 1 and 2, the HSK 3 is a test assessing your ability to read and understand spoken Chinese. The new feature on HSK level 3 is the test of your ability to write Chinese characters.

Global Exam has designed specific HSK online training for your preparation.

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HSK 3 is a test where the maximum score is 300 points. The split is equal between the 3 parts: 100 points for the listening part, 100 points for the reading part, and 100 points for the writing part.

To pass the HSK 3, the candidate should obtain at least 180 points.

HSK 3 – Required Skills

Level Supposed duration of Chinese studies Required skills Required vocabulary International equivalence
3 2h to 3h / week –

3 semesters

Capacity to communicate on common, professional and everyday topics at an elementary level. 600 B1

HSK 3 is intended to students who have been studying Chinese for one academic year and a half (3 semesters) with 2 to 3 class hours every week.

Candidates should be able to use everyday Chinese and to show understanding of basic academic and professional Chinese. The grammatical structure is still quite simple.

To pass the HSK 3, you will need knowledge of 600 words and grammatical rules. To set up a specific preparation, more than a simple understanding of the language is highly advised to meet the success. In particular, Global Exam offers specific HSK online formation to assist you to prepare the test.

Practicing HSK 3

The HSK 3 splits into 3 sections: listening, reading and writing. These 3 sections are equally important, evaluated on 100 points. The total number of questions is 80 and the exam lasts 90 minutes.

Global Exam offers customized educational solutions to this HSK exam, with mock exams and HSK sample test. Indeed, HSK is an exam with specific rules and structure. To think that good language skills will be sufficient could be quite risky and tricky. In fact, to prepare your exam with Global Exam’s HSK online formation has shown bi impact on our students’ score.

Content Listening comprehension Reading comprehension Writing Total
Number of exercises 4 3 2 9
Number of questions 40 30 10 80
Duration (min) 35 30 15 85*
Points 100 100 100 300
*: 5 min are given after the exercises of the listening comprehension to write down your answers on the answer sheet.