Reading Comprehension for HSK 3

  • 3 exercises (10 questions each)
  • 30 minutes to answer the questions (you must write your answers on the answer sheet straight away)
  • All the sentences are written in Chinese characters.
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HSK 3 – Reading comprehension – Exercise 1

Exercise 1 contains 10 questions.

On your exam sheet, you will find 2 series of 5 sentences each. You need to match them in a logical way.

Example :

List of sentences:

HSK 3 reading

Sentences to complete with statements from the list:

HSK reading

Answers: 41. E    42. C    43. D    44. B    45. A

HSK 3 – Reading comprehension – Exercise 2

Exercise 2 contains 10 questions.

5 fill-in sentences and 5 words will be displayed on your exam sheet. You need to fill in each sentence with a word from 5 choices.

Unlike level 2, the missing words are only written in Chinese characters (no more Pinyin).

Example :

Missing words:

Fill-in sentences (on the answer sheet, you need to write the letter that corresponds to the missing word):

HSK 3 reading

Answers: 51. C   52. A   53. E   54. D   55. B

HSK 3 – Reading comprehension – Exercise 3

Exercise 3 contains 10 questions.

10 small paragraphs (1 to 3 sentences) will be displayed. A question will be asked after each of them. You need to choose the right answer from 3 choices.

Example (then you must select answer C on your sheet):

HSK reading

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