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HSK 5 Reading Comprehension Structure

  • 3 exercises (45 questions).
  • 45 minutes to answer the questions (you need to write your answers on the answer sheet straight away).
  • All the sentences are written in Chinese characters only.
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HSK 5 – Reading Comprehension – Exercise 1

Exercise 1 contains 15 questions.

There will be several fill-in paragraphs on your exam paper. In each of them, 3 to 4 words are missing. You need to choose the right words or propositions to fill the gaps from 4 choices.

Example :

HSK 5 reading

Answer: 46. A    47. D    48. B

HSK 5 – Reading Comprehension – Exercise 2

Exercise 2 contains 10 questions.

There will be 10 short paragraphs (1 to 3 sentences). You need to choose the sentence that best matches the paragraph from a choice of 4 possible sentences.

Example :

HSK reading

Answer: D.

Watch out: To choose the right answer, you need to understand the main ideas of the paragraph but you should also pay attention to the details.

HSK 5 – Reading Comprehension – Exercise 3

Exercise 3 contains 20 questions.

A few paragraphs (of more than 5 sentences) will be displayed. They will be followed by some comprehension questions. You need to choose the right answer among 4 answer choices.

Example :

You read a text:

HSK 5 reading

Then you must answer the comprehension questions by selecting the right answer from 4 possible choices:

HSK 5 reading

Answers: 74. A    75. B    76. A    77. A

Watch out: Pay attention to the details (time, place, relations between people or things, numbers, causes and consequences…). The first two or three questions usually address these types of details. The last question will deal with the overall meaning of the text (be careful not to be too thorough in your analysis).

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