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HSK 5 Writing Structure

  • 2 exercises (10 questions).
  • 40 minutes to answer the questions (you must write your answers on the answer sheet straight away).
  • All the vocabulary you need to master is listed in the official HSK 5 vocabulary list, available on our training platform.
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HSK 5 – Writing – Exercise 1

Exercise 1 is made up of 8 questions.

For each question, there will be a sequence of characters. You need to put them in the right order to form a coherent sentence.

Example :

Group of characters to put in the right order:

HSK 5 writing


HSK 5 writing

Tip: You should first try to understand the meaning of the sentence. You can then reorder the characters respecting their grammatical forms.

HSK 5 – Writing – Exercise 2

Exercise 2 is made up of 2 questions.

Question 1: You will have to write an 80-word paragraph using given words or groups of words (about 5).

Question 2: You will have to write an 80-word paragraph using a given picture as your topic.

Instructions (question 1):

HSK 5 writing

Tip: Identify to which lexical field the words belong. This will help you to find a topic allowing you to use all the given words.

Instructions (question 2): 

HSK writing

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