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Online training for HSK 5

HSK 5 is the penultimate step of your HSK test ascension. The level 5 includes a test of more than 2 hours which will evaluate your ability to understand any kind of content.

Global Exam and our solution HSK online training will help you to pass this penultimate step.

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HSK 5 – Score

As for level 3 and 4, the HSK 5 exam will result on a score whose maximum rank is 300 points. It means that each section will give you a score of 100 points. A total score of 180 points will then allow you to pass the HSK 5.

While the level is increasing, get at least 60 in each section might be difficult. To prepare specifically for the TOEIC will also help you to reduce the impact of some difficulties related to the language. Moreover, if you have a section in which you think you can get a great score thanks to your ability, to prepare in real condition and HSK mock exam will help you to get better results the Exam day and to give you some room for other sections.

HSK 5 – Required Skills

Level Supposed duration of Chinese studies Required skills Required vocabulary International Equivalence
5 2h to 4h / week

– More than 2 years

Capacity to read newspapers, magazines, watch TV and theatre shows. 2,500 C1

It is expected from candidate of HSK 5 to be able to read newspaper and watch movies in Chinese. It is a full understanding of everyday topics as well as professional language which is required.

HSK 5 targets students who are more than 2 years of study with 2 to 3 hours per week. These students should know more than 2500 words of HSK vocabulary.

Preparing HSK 5

HSK 5 is splited into 3 sections: reading, listening and writing. Once again, any section will have the very same importance. 100 questions are asked but the length is now 125 minutes, which shows the increasing difficulty of this exam.

A specific preparation will be more and more crucial according to the increasing difficulty of the different level of the HSK. To prepare specifically for the HSK 5 is thus more essential than ever, to manage efficiently this greater difficulty. Global Exam will provide you all the tools to adapt your preparation to this level of difficulty through our HSK online formation.

Content Listening comprehension Reading comprehension Writing Total
Number of exercises 2 3 2 8
Number of questions 45 45 10 100
Duration (min) 30 45 40 100*
Points 100 100 100 300
*: 5 min are given after the exercises of the listening comprehension to write down your answers on the answer sheet.