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HSK Online Preparation

1) Try out Global-Exam’s online preparation for the HSK for free

Global-Exam is a freemium website. This means that you can try the platform’s HSK exercises for free. You first have to create an account and select HSK in the proposed tests. You can then try out all types of online exercises.

Creating an account only takes a couple of seconds. You will have to enter your personal details online. You will then receive an email with a link to confirm your registration.

2) Choose the best formula for you

Global-Exam wants to help as many candidates as possible. We therefore offer three formulas at extremely competitive prices in order to adapt to your needs.

How to choose the right subscription?

To select one of the three formulas, assess how much time you have to prepare for the test. Also take into account how intensively you will work.

3) Remember to download the HSK ebook before starting to train

To get to know everything about the HSK, read the ebook. It is a tool that explains the test in detail. Thanks to the ebook, you will understand how the test works. You will know what to expect. The more you know about the test you are preparing for, the more effective your training will be.

4) Also download the HSK vocabulary list

For the HSK test, you have to know a vocabulary list. You can download it on Global-Exam:

Test my level for free


5) Select your HSK level

There are 6 HSK levels. The HSK levels each correspond to a certain level in Mandarin. For the HSK designers, if you have spent a semester studying Mandarin from 2 to 3 hours per week, you can take the HSK 1 and master the 150 imposed characters. If you have studied Mandarin for two semesters, you should have the level to pass the HSK 2 and master its 300 characters.

You must choose which HSK level you should prepare for. To do that, you can test your level by completing exercises from different levels, and you will see which HSK level is best for you.

6) Complete a first HSK mock exam under real conditions online

Once you know the HSK structure well, practise under real exam conditions. Complete a first mock exam online. This test will allow you to assess your current level and you will then be able to determine how much you need to improve to reach your goal.

7) Practise regularly with the Training mode

First, log onto the Training mode and practise for the HSK as much as you can. Remember to read the notes and vocabulary you need to know regularly. The more regular you are, the more effective your preparation. Do not hesitate to complete exercises from easier HSK levels to get warmed up.

8) Complete mock exams regularly with the Exam mode

Any Global-Exam user has unlimited access to all mock exams. Use these precious resources and complete mock exams under real exam conditions. For instance, it is impossible to go back to a question after answering it.

9) Pay attention to the answer keys and evaluate your progress

The answer keys you will be provided with are written by our teachers to help you improve. After each training exercise, pay careful attention to the answer keys. This way, you will understand your mistakes and will not make them again. You can also follow your progress thanks to the dashboard. Check your strengths and weaknesses on each exercise to improve.

10) Throughout your online preparation, share with Global Players

Break out of preparation loneliness. Do not hesitate to check the Global-Exam Facebook page, the forum and the blog to share your user experience and benefit from other users’ tips. You will be in contact with other candidates preparing for the same test as you. They can give you helpful tips!


11) After your tailor-made training, you are ready to take your test

Our training platform is designed for you to crack the HSK. Thanks to the quality of our online preparation programme, you will have trained efficiently. You will therefore be ready to take the HSK. You will perfectly know the structure of the test that you have prepared for. On the exam day, you can be completely relaxed!

After getting a great score at the HSK, share your Global-Exam experience!

Discover more about the HSK Chinese level test and why it’s the only standardized test of Chinese language proficiency in China.