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HSK Preparation – Strategies

Global-Exam’s teaching team has elaborated 3 revision strategies to succeed at your HSK preparation !

HSK Preparation Strategy #1 : Get to know everything about the HSK exam

Just like other language tests, the HSK is a standardised exam, i.e. the exam’s structure — the number of exercises, the number of questions per exercise, the instructions — is fixed. It is therefore possible to get to know each exercise perfectly and to prepare accordingly. This is why Global-Exam will help you to improve your marks. By practising on 20 mock exams per HSK level, you will get to know everything about the exam. You will thus be able to optimise your HSK preparation by working on the points you wish to improve. Follow our tips to improve your mark on the exam day.

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HSK Preparation Strategy #2 : Work out your goals

The HSK is not a competition but an exam. Therefore, you do not need to be the best or get a perfect score on the exam day but just to achieve the right level and to reach the necessary average mark.

Choosing the right level…

When you first start reading about your preparation for the HSK Exam, you might be unsure about which level to prepare for. Nevertheless, after a quick analysis of the content of the exam, is it easy to pinpoint your current level: there are large gaps between two levels in Mandarin. If you still have doubts, sign up on Global-Exam: you will be able to evaluate your level with HSK free training exercises for each level.

... and reaching the necessary marks

Once you have determined the level you want to prepare for, you must prepare thoroughly for the exercises and learn the instructions for your level (see strategy 1). You then need to self-evaluate your current level and the amount of marks you need to achieve the certificate.

In order to get these marks, you have two options: to work on your weaknesses and/or to develop your strengths. Choose the option that will help you to improve your marks as early as possible.

HSK Tip : Since you will get a certificate of a certain level if you reach the required grade, there is no need to reach 200/200 or 300/300. For instance, you can set a goal to get 150 points for Levels 1 and 2, and 225 points for Levels 3 to 6.

HSK Preparation Strategy #3 : Determine the right method according to your goals

You have studied the HSK’s structure, defined your goals and identified where you could improve… You have just one thing left to determine before starting to prepare: to develop an effective preparation technique.

  • Set a schedule. It will enable you to make the most of your training period.
  • Choose the right preparation material. The choice is yours: books, online programmes, private classes, etc.

Lastly, remember: even after developing the best strategy and choosing the best preparation resources, it will be  your willingness to work on a regular basis which will determine whether you will do well in  the HSK exam.

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