Your Mandarin is pretty darn good, and you want to get officially tested, so you have a recognized document to show potential employers or a university. You have decided that the HSK 4 is the level that you want to go for. Well, the HSK 4 corresponds to the CEFR B2 level (upper intermediate). At this level, what you need to do becomes more complicated and the number of characters increases quite a bit. It’s going to take a lot of work, but you can do it.

You need to ask some questions first, so you’ll know what lies ahead, and how you should prepare. You should ask things such as:

  • How many characters will I need to know?
  • What skills does the HSK 4 test me on?


HSK 4 – Listening Comprehension

HSK 4 - Listening Comprehension STRUCTURE 3 exercises (45 questions). 30 minutes to answer the questions, then 5 minutes to write [...]

HSK 4 – Writing

HSK 4 - Writing STRUCTURE 2 exercises with 15 questions. 25 minutes to answer the questions (you must write your answers [...]

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