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HSK 4 – Listening Comprehension


  • 3 exercises (45 questions).
  • 30 minutes to answer the questions, then 5 minutes to write the answers on your answer sheet.
  • Each recording will only be played once.

Tip: The recordings can be quite long. You should focus on the key words (places, action verbs…). If there is a dialogue that you have not understood, do not waste too much time on it, you might lose focus and miss the next one.

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HSK 4 – Listening Comprehension – Exercise 1

Exercise 1 contains 10 questions.

For each question, you will listen to an explanation of one sentence or more. You will then listen to a new sentence about the explanation (this sentence will also be written on your exam paper.) You need to state whether the sentence is true or false.

Example :

You hear:

HSK 4 listening

You hear and read:

HSK 4 listening

So you select the answer:

HSK 4 - Compréhension orale - Exemple 3

Tip: In order to save time, read the answer sentences before listening to the recording. This exercise is the easiest part of the listening comprehension, so you should be able to get off to a good start and maximise your score.

HSK 4 – Listening Comprehension – Exercise 2

Exercise 2 is made up of 15 questions.

For each question, you will listen to a conversation between a man and a woman about an everyday topic. Each will give a sentence. A third person will then ask a question based on the conversation. You need to give the answer to that question by selecting one of the 4 choices.

Example :

HSK listening

Tip: Read the answer choices before listening to the recording. This will allow you to focus more upon the useful information. The conversations will be longer, but the questions are not necessarily harder. Stay focused until the end so that you don’t miss marks on easy questions.

HSK 4 – Listening Comprehension – Exercise 3

Exercise 3 is made up of 20 questions.

This has the same structure as Exercise 2, but the conversations will be longer (4 to 5 sentences).

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