HSK 4 – Online Training

Train online for HSK 4

HSK 4 is a test of 105 minutes. It includes the same sections that the level 3: listening, reading and writing. It evaluates candidates on their capacities to chat on a large range of topics and to converse fluently with native Chinese-speakers. HSK online training will be essential to pass this significant step with confidence.

HSK 4 – Score

HSK 4 can be passed with a mark of 180. As for the level 3, the maximum is 300, with 100 points given for each part of the exam. It means that an average mark of 60/100 at least will lead you to get the required 180 points. To prepare specifically and efficiently each section will then drive you to pass the HSK exam with confidence and security. 

HSK 4 – Required skills


Supposed duration of Chinese studies

Required skills

Vocabulary required

International equivalence


2h to 4h / week –       4 semesters

Capacity to fluently discuss different topics.



The HSK 4 will evaluate your ability to understand and converse with fluent Chinese. Students should be able to talk about a great number of topics and it is expected from them to chat fluently with a native Chinese-speakers.

The test is intended to be passed by students with 2 years of Chinese study (4 semesters – 2 to 3 weekly hours). The required vocabulary includes 1200 words.

HSK level 4 shows a new significant increase of the difficulty for students. If you start to know the classical structure of the HSK test, being prepared specifically for this step will be a welcomed help to insure you to keep climbing the HSK ladder. Global Exam’s HSK online formation provides you the best material to prepare each step.

Preparing HSK 4

Le HSK 4 est composé de 3 sections: reading, listening et writing. Une fois encore, chaque section aura une importance égale. Le total est de 100 questions. La durée est de 105 minutes.

HSK 4 is divided between 3 sections: reading, listening and writing. Once again, each section will be equally splited. The total is 100 questions and it lasts 105 minutes.

  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing

Managing time will be crucial in this step. More you advance in the HSK ladder, more you will have an important work to do to prepare the exam. If you are not prepared, the risk will be to not being able to finish each section and to not take advantage of your linguistic improvement since level 3. Global Exam provides you any tools, including HSK online training, to arrive prepared and confident for the HSK 3 test.


Listening comprehension

Reading comprehension



Number of exercises





Number of questions





Duration (min)










*: 5 min are given after the exercises of the listening comprehension to write down your answers on the answer sheet.