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HSK 4 – Writing


  • 2 exercises with 15 questions.
  • 25 minutes to answer the questions (you must write your answers on the answer sheet straight away).
  • All the vocabulary you need to master is listed in the official HSK 4 vocabulary list, available on our training platform.
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HSK 4 – Writing – Exercise 1

Exercise 1 contains 10 questions.

For each question, there will be a sequence of characters. You need to put them in the right order to form a coherent sentence.

Example :

Group of characters to put back in the right order:

HSK 4 writing


HSK 4 writing

Comment: You should start with this exercise: it will be quite easy as long as you have trained well.

HSK 4 – Writing – Exercise 2

Exercise 2 contains 10 questions.

For each question, you will see a picture as well as a word or phrase. You need to write a sentence about the picture using the word or expression.

Example :

HSK writing

Tip: If you can’t remember how to write certain characters, you can try to find them in the texts of the reading comprehension.

Make sure to use simple sentences to make fewer mistakes and improve your mark.

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