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Practice tests are the key to a great IELTS score and we take that to heart. Therefore, down below you can find some sample practice tests for the IELTS General Training exam, section by section.

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IELTS General Practice Test: Reading Section

The Reading section is the second one of the exam. Have a look at the following sample practice test from the first task:

London by Happy Bikes

Cycling is an environmentally friendly, affordable and a great way to move around the city. Launched in 2010, London’s city bike hire scheme, Happy Bikes, now counts with over 10,000 bikes and 820 docking stations.

Staff is always wearing protective equipment and making sure that every bike is in perfect condition to be used:  they wipe down all bikes with effective cleaning solutions and encourage social distancing around every dock.
They also stack and move bicycles so as to make room for more docks. This will ensure that more customers can hire a bike or will have a spot to park at each hub.

We recommend downloading our HappyBikes app. It allows you to check bike and docking availability in real-time. This way you can go straight to the bike dock and avoid queues and avoid touching the terminal.
We have a Journey Planner that makes it easier to plan your route. You can search stations, landmarks, and street names on our interactive map.


  • Find an available bike on the Docks Map or on the app.

  • If you don’t have the app go to your terminal of choice with your debit or credit card and touch the screen to begin.

  • Choose “Hire a bike” and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be given a printed release code.

  • If you wish to hire more than one cycle, you will need a separate release code for each one.

  • Pick your bike. Run a basic checklist: tyres, brakes, bell.

  • In order to release the bike, type the release code in the docking point’s keypad, and pull the bike out when the green light appears.

  • Make sure the seat’s height is right and off you go!


  • Find an empty docking point and push the bike into it.

  • Once the bike is securely docked, a green light will flash.

  • If the green light does not flash, try again. When the green light does not flash you keep getting charged. So, if it fails again contact out Rider’s Centre as soon as possible.

  • If there are no available docking points you will get 20 extra minutes when you choose “No Free Docking Points” on the screen and then follow the on-screen directions to “Nearest Docking Station”.

  • If your bike gets lost or stolen, please contact Happy Bikes customer service. Please, notice that bikes that are missing for longer than 24 hours might result in a £900 fee.

Happy Bikes is serious about preventing the spread of infectious diseases.
Customers must stack and move bikes so as to ensure that other customers don’t have to wait.
The HappyBikes app can be downloaded on most devices.
You will be able to remove the bike from the dock right after you get the printed release code.
If the docking station has no more slots available for your bike when you want to return it, you will be given other options.
If the bike you hired is missing after 24 hours, you could be charged £900.

IELTS General Practice Test: Writing Section

The IELTS General Writing section has 2 parts, which are graded slightly differently – Task 1 is approximately 33% and Task 2 66% of the result. For the Writing section, don’t play it safe and only use the tenses you’re certain of. Try to use modals and conditionals for example, as well as a range of present, future and past tenses. The examiner is looking for a range of grammar, so it’s better to try than only put the structures you’re 100% sure of.

  • Task 1 requires you to write a letter of at least 150 words, during 20 minutes.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You saw an advert for a combined guitar and English course in Southampton, England but you have a few queries to ask and you want a discount.

Write a letter to the course director. In your letter,

  • explain your interest in the course

  • describe your problems

  • find out if a discount is possible

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:
Dear Sir or Madam

Question 1

  • Task 2 requires you to write an essay of at least 250 words, during 40 minutes.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:

People are increasingly becoming concerned about protecting the environment from pollution caused by fossil fuels.  Much of the pollution comes from car engines and some have suggested electric cars could be the solution.

Do you think electric cars could be better for the environment? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

Question 1

IELTS General Practice Test: Speaking Section

The IELTS General Speaking section lasts approximately 15 minutes and you’ll be speaking directly with an IELTS examiner! This section has 3 parts:

1. Introduction and brief interview

This part of the test begins with the examiner introducing himself or herself and checking the candidate’s identification. It then continues as an interview. This interview feels more like informal conversation with 5 questions.

Question 1.
Let’s talk about shopping. Where do you usually go to do your shopping?

Question 2.
Are malls popular in your town/city?

Question 3.
Is it better to buy from small shops or large stores?

Question 4.
What kinds of things are popular to buy online?

Question 5.
Let’s move onto where people like to relax. What kinds of outdoor areas do people in your town/city go to relax?

2. Monologue

You will have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes.
You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say.
You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Describe a trip from your childhood that you remember well.

You should say:

  • Where you went and why
  • How you got there
  • What you did there
  • And explain why you remember it so well.

3. Discussion

Question 1.
Let’s consider the types of problems and difficulties people can have and how they can deal with them.
What common difficulties or problems do people face these days?

Question 2.
Do you think people should get help with difficult tasks or problems or learn how to do it themselves?

Question 3.
Finally, let’s talk about whether difficulties and problems have any purpose.
Do you think there are any benefits that can be gained from experiencing difficulties in life?

IELTS General Practice Test: Listening Section

The IELTS General Training Listening has 4 parts and is marked out of 40 points. The test gets progressively harder so the first section is quite easy compared to the last one.

Have a look at the following practice test recording from part 1, which was divided into 4 sections to make it easier for you.

Claire’s main dance style.
Claire’s second favourite style.
This style is sold out.
Rita and Mr. Sorensen do not know what this style is.

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