Studying for the IELTS General Speaking Test is extremely important as it is considered the most difficult part of the entire test. Not because of the possible questions, but the stress of being interviewed in-person with an examiner.

But worry not, GlobalExam is here to help you practice and train for all the IELTS test sections and ensure that you never step in there without embracing the needed skills for a perfect score.

In this article, we will explain the IELTS Speaking test in the following steps:

  • What Does the IELTS General Speaking Test Consist Of?
  • IELTS General Speaking Practice Tests and Exercises.
  • How to Improve Your IELTS Test Results With The Help of GlobalExam.

Ready for a fun, educational journey while taking the IELTS test? Let’s jump right into it.

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What Does the IELTS General Speaking Test Consist Of?

The IELTS Speaking test is one of the four sections of the IELTS General Training IELTS and Academic exams. It is an informal eye-to-eye discussion with a certified IELTS examiner.

Many countries, international universities, and jobs accept IELTS as a piece of evidence of a great English proficiency for non-native English speakers, so we can’t stress how important the IELTS Speaking test is.

The IELTS Speaking test drains most students due to its required conditions: having it done in person with an examiner. Fortunately, practice makes perfect, but learning the exact format of this test and studying its examples is more important to pass the test efficiently and achieve the desired score.

The Speaking test is the only exam that does not happen on the same day as the other tests, but it’s within the same week. And it is meant to evaluate your English speaking skills along with your ability to have a conversation in this language. The examiner will be focusing on your pronunciation as well.

During the Speaking test, you will need to discuss a few topics with a certified examiner in 11 – 14 minutes. You will be in a quiet room alone with the examiner, where you cannot be disturbed.

Don’t worry; they will make sure you are relaxed, so don’t hesitate to show that you are confident.

two women having a conversation

The IELTS General Speaking practice test consists of three parts:

Part 1:

The examiner tends to ask general questions about yourself and a few other familiar topics, including your family, school, work, interests, etc.

This part only lasts 4 to 5 minutes.

Part 2:

The examiner will hand you a task card, and then you will be asked to speak about a topic freely. You will be given one minute to organize your thoughts, and then you will speak for up to 2 minutes. Once you are done, the examiner will ask you one or two questions on the same topic.

Part 3:

Connecting to part 2, the examiner will be asking you further questions about the topic and allow you to elaborate and discuss more complex ideas and issues. This part is more interactive and as close to a real-life situation as possible. The duration of this part is 4 to 5 minutes.

What do you need to focus on?

In order to guarantee a good score during the IELTS Speaking test, you have to work on the following skills:

  • Pronunciation.
  • Grammar.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Fluency.

The best way to build those skills is by practicing over and over again. Try speaking English continuously, reading novels and articles aloud, and having in-person conversations with English-speaking friends. Keep in mind that these daily “exercises” must be done on a daily basis to improve your accent and build a stronger vocabulary gradually.

IELTS General Speaking Practice Tests and Exercises

Now that you have an idea about what the IELTS Speaking test will be like, let’s go more in-depth and study each part individually.

IELTS General Speaking Test Part 1: Introduction And Interview

This part of the Speaking test focuses on how you communicate opinions on everyday topics.

In the beginning, the examiner will ask you to introduce yourself and show your identification, ID, or passport (depending on what you used during registration).

Next, you will be asked general questions about yourself and your life, like where do you live or what do you currently do (studying or working).

Afterward, the examiner will ask you a range of questions about similar topics, like your interests, the weather, your favorite movies. During these questions, answer freely but politely as if you are talking to a friend. In general, it will only be two questions.

The examiner will be listening to your answers carefully, and if your answers are too short, they will assist you to extend your response with a “why?” or “why?” not questions.

Examples from GlobalExam training program:

The examiner will be asking questions like:

  • Do you study or do you work?
  • Let’s talk about food… Do you eat more salty or sweet foods?
  • What kind of food did you eat when you were younger?
  • Have you ever had a job?
  • Why do/did you like going to work every day?
  • Do you know your next-door neighbors?
  • Talk to me about your city, what’s it like?

IELTS General Speaking Test Part 2: Individual Long Turn

Part two of the Speaking test format is designed to evaluate your speaking capability at length on a specific topic. The examiner will focus on how you use the language and the way you organize your ideas.

After finishing the first part, the examiner will provide a topic and ask you to discuss it for up to two minutes. You will be given a card, a piece of paper, and a pencil to make notes.

The card will include the main topic and a few points you could use when talking about it.

However, you will have no more than one minute to prepare for the points you want to speak about. Therefore, a timer will be used.

The examiner will notify you when to start and when to stop. That’s why it’s best to keep talking for two minutes straight and be prepared to answer questions about the same topic in the next part.

Examples from GlobalExam training program:

The candidate test cards will include topics like:

  • Describe starting a business.

Be sure to say: what business would you start? The things you need in order to do it? Who would your business cater to? Where would you conduct the business?

ielts exam candidate task card


  • Describe a piece of art. Don’t forget to include: what type of art it is? What does this piece mean to you? How does this piece make you feel?

ielts exam sample questions

IELTS General Speaking Test Part 3: Two-way discussion

In the last part of the test, you will be evaluated on your ability to express, analyze, and justify opinions and thoughts. Also, how you will discuss a range of issues that are connected to the topic you spoke about in part two.

The examiner will be asking you questions that are related to the previous topic, and you will need to express your opinions about the matter, analyze, discuss, and speculate in more depth. You and the examiner will be having a longer discussion during this section to see how you can communicate about complex topics, unlike the first part.

Examples from GlobalExam training program:

Following the first example of part two, here is the expected question:

  • Which businesses do you use most?

If the topics were something about different topics, expect questions like:

  • Let’s first consider corporate culture:

Some cultures believe it’s not what you studied but where you studied that gets you further professionally. Is it like this in your country?

  • Some cultures believe it’s not what you studied but where you studied that gets you further professionally. Is it like this in your country?
  • What are some of the drawbacks of social networking?
  • What do you do to prepare for a new project that you know will challenge you?
  • Why do people consider photography a form of art ?

You can get access to the answers, corrections, and tips of the previous exercises by subscribing to GlobalExam. Moreover, you can also get access to tons of other exercises and model answers.

You can train on the IELTS General Speaking practice test by recording yourself repeatedly until you are capable of giving the right answers within the test time.

Improve Your IELTS Test Results With The Help of GlobalExam

Preparing for the IELTS General Speaking practice test can be a little difficult and overwhelming, which is why you need a great online platform that is specifically designed to help anyone with their language tests.

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What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of training modes to help you work in the best conditions possible. Once you sign up, here are the things you will be able to take advantage of:

  • Examination: You will be allowed to do mock examinations to experience the test in real-life situations.
  • Training: You can train on several exercises, which will be available per section to help ease the process for you.
  • Corrections: The exercises and mock exams will be detailed and will offer in-depth corrections for each question and score.
  • Statistics and competencies: By checking your statistics, you will be able to point out your weaknesses and strengths in each section.
  • Revision sheets: Grammar and vocabulary study sheets are available for you to study whenever you want.
  • Revision planning mode: You can follow a revision path to help you be guided on the exercises.

So, what are you waiting for? Improve your English skills, study the language, and train for your IELTS test with GlobalExam to guarantee the score of your dreams.

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