The TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) allows you to measure your linguistic English skills, as a non-native speaker, when you wish to enroll in an English-speaking university, apply for visas or to follow an English speaking program.

However, to take this certification, you need to register and pay fees. This article will also go through a quick review of the differences between the TOEFL IBT and the TOEFL ITP, so that you can be sure of the test you should register for.

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Which TOEFL for whom?

The test exists in two versions:

  • The Internet Based Version (IBT), which is administrated online: the most famous one, and often implied when talking about the TOEFL. Check here to register online.
  • The Paper Test (ITP), administrated on paper: more traditional.

The TOEFL IBT is more common and tests, as a whole, your English level. You will be more likely asked the TOEFL IBT scores, but for some projects the ITP will be required.


How to register?

To take the TOEFL, you can register directly on the ETS website, subscribe by telephone (by calling the Regional Registration Center corresponding), or, if you are more traditional, subscribe by mail, and send your application form to the Regional Registration Center, as well.

On the ETS website, you will have access to all the information about registration modalities.

Whichever application method you have chosen, you are requested to pay the enrollment fees at the time of signing up for the test. This is the only way to confirm your booking.

If you have registered online or by phone, you need to pay by credit card. If you sent your application form by mail, you must join your means of payment in the letter.

The price of the TOEFL per country

The TOEFL tariff varies according to the location, where you decide to take your assessment.

The cost varies from $170 to $245 from one nation to another. In the USA, it is worth approximately $185. It does not matter from which state the candidate comes from, you will need to pay the registration fees in US Dollars.

Be aware that, if you pay with a credit card, bank commissions may be applied.

Here, is a table of the TOEFL amounts in some countries:

Vietnam$1904 438 875 Dong
Japan$230$240 25 957 Yen
Emirates$240882 Dirham

These prices include:

  • 1 online certification, downloadable as a PDF file
  • 1 paper certificate (if asked)
  • 4 official scores certificates sent to the colleges of your choice

However, be careful, every additional service will be invoiced by ETS (i.e late inscription, rescheduling…)


How to train for the test on GlobalExam?

The price of this test is quite high, thus it is not a small investment. However, the cost of the TOEFL should not stop you from taking an opportunity to study abroad, and improve your English. Indeed, this test is mandatory in many institutions abroad, in order to prove your English level. Thanks to its four sections: reading, listening, writing and speaking, the universities or recruiters can be able to assess you level. The TOEFL is a precious tool and remains a very precise mean for the foreign universities to select their candidates.

Here is our advice: on the grounds of the price, you should practise for this test, in order not to retake it, and not to repay the fees.

To obtain a good score, there is only one solution: PRACTISE. You need to get a specific preparation to become more familiar with the exam, which is standardized.

Thanks to GlobalExam, you can practice online to the questions, and improve your English every day.

You will learn each particularity of the TOEFL exercises, the structure of the test, and will progress on every section of the test in real exam conditions. Your training is analyzed and will enable you to follow your progression, and to know whenever you want, where to place yourself regarding your score goal.

You will also have the possibility to create a personalized schedule in order to help you during your training, and if you need to practise more on some specific points, many vocabulary and grammar study sheets are available on the platform!

For testing purposes of your level, you can begin to train right now on the GlobalExam online platform for free, you only need to subscribe to get access to the equivalent of a full mock exam.

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