How to register online to the TOEFL IBT ?

Global-Exam is an exam training platform and bears no link with the institutions running the official exam of the TOEFL.

To register online to the TOEFL, you need to go on the official website of the ETS institution (Educational Testing Service). Registering online to the TOEFL works in several steps, as explained in the guide edited by the ETS website. This guide is only available in English. To clarify the registration process, Global-Exam is offering a quick run-through of the steps to follow for those who want to pass the TOEFL in France.

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Step 1: ETS

Once on the ETS home page, go on the ” Tests and Products ” tab and select the TOEFL heading.

Step 2: registration

Once on the TOEFL heading, click on ” Register for the Test “. (The TOEFL heading is in English by default, but don’t forget that you can choose your language with the ” Select a Language ” section on the right).

Step 3: registration mode

The ETS website offers you several options to register to the TOEFL:

  • you can register online
  • you can register on the phone
  • you can register by email
  • you can register by going to a TOEFL exam centre

The quickest solution is to register online with a form to complete online. Indeed, the other alternatives to register to the TOEFL aren’t available everywhere.

Step 4: online registration

To register to the TOEFL online, you have to click on ” Registrer Online ” (or ” Inscription en ligne ” if you’ve chosen to read the page in French).

Step 5: form

You can then find the registration form online. Note that this registration form is only available in English.

Step 6: profile

To register online, you must first edit your profile by filling in personal information. It is very straight-forward to follow: they ask you to fill the information needed step by step.

Step 7: choice of test

You must then choose the test you’re looking to undergo: that is, the TOEFL.

Step 8: choice of session

Then, fill in the date and the exam centre that best suit you. (To optimise your chances of finding an available place at your chosen date and in the centre you prefer, register early enough.)

After having entered your choices, the ETS website will show you all the available places to pass the TOEFL according to your wishes. Spot the session you want, and select it.

Step 9: summary

Once you’ve chosen a test session that suits you, you end up on a summary. Your chosen date and exam centre are indicated there. Careful: the registration is not effective yet; to confirm your registration, you still need to pay online.

Step 10: payment

You need to pay online to confirm your registration to the TOEFL. You may only pay by credit card.  Check that your payment has been processed correctly: you should see then a page confirming your payment.

Check here the cost of the TOEFL.

Step 11: confirmation

You are registered to the TOEFL. The ETS website gives you a registration confirmation, which you have to bring on the D-Day. This registration confirmation works as a convocation. Careful: the registration confirmation is not sent by mail automatically; you must choose this option. Think of clicking on ” Email “, and to print this registration confirmation.

Step 12: training

Keep on training on Global-Exam until the last moment. On the due day, go to the exam centre with an ID and your convocation printed.

If you’re encountering any problem during your registration online to the TOEFL, you can contact the ETS website on the following email address: [email protected]

Good luck!

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