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Interested in building a better future in other countries like the USA or UK? Then you need to pass the TOEFL IBT test and prove that you can actually communicate in English and have an impressive language level.

In this article, we will go step by step on how to register for TOEFL:

  • All the possible ways to create an account;
  • ID requirements for you TOEFL registration;
  • Choosing the right date and test center to pass the exam;
  • Cancel or change your toefl ibt exam registration;
  • What to bring and what happens on test day?
  • Post-testing and about the results.

Ready? Let’s begin.

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TOEFL Registration: All the Possible Ways to Create an Account

Why should you pass the TOEFL? Well, it can be useful for travelling, immigration purposes as well as academic purposes such as studying abroad in the USA, amongst many other things. However, before test takers attend a TOEFL exam, they are required to register themselves, which is what we’re going to be talking about today.

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Online Registration

If registering online, test takers must go to TOEFL ETS’s official website, create an account and set up their own profiles to access all their information in one place and register for a test. TOEFL ETS website usually has a time limit for visitors which is among multiple security measures to ensure the safety of registrants’ private information.

Phone Registration

Registration by phone is also valid, test takers may call up the Prometric office before its closing time to register and are highly recommended to make a call three business days before the test date.

Registration by Fax

Another way to register is by fax. In this way, test takers must send their fax at least seven days prior to their chosen test day.

Registration by Mail

Test takers can also register by mail or courier. They are requested to fill in the form, get the draft made if the payment is not made through credit card and submit those documents at least three weeks before their chosen test day to the prometric center either by hand in person or by registered post or courier.

The Prometric Technology Center will schedule an appointment once receiving the documents and a confirmed notice with testing date, time and location will be sent back to the test takers.

After creating a profile, test takers will log in and reach “My Home Page” where they can get relevant services such as register a test, order score report services, view past scores and orders and update personal information in the profile.

ID Requirements for TOEFL Registration: What Are the Documents?

ID requirements for test takers depend on testing location and citizenship. General ID includes several requirements.

First of all, the ID document must be original, photocopied documents are not acceptable; second, the ID document must be valid and not be expired, documents with expired dates will be rejected; third, full name of the test taker included in the ID document must be matching exactly with the name he or she used when TOEFL registration is made; the ID document must contain a recently taken, identifiable photograph.

It is the test taker’s responsibility to bring valid, up-to-date and acceptable ID when they report to a test center. In the event that test takers fail to do so, or if the name on their ID doesn’t match exactly with the name on their TOEFL registration, they will not be permitted to test and the test fee will be not refunded.

Unauthorized ID Documents

Under any circumstances, the following documents will not be accepted as primary or supplemental ID.

  • International student ID.
  • International driver’s license.
  • Employee ID card.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Draft classification card.
  • Notary-prepared letter or document.
  • Credit/debit card of any kind.
  • Diplomatic, consulate, or embassy ID card.
  • Social Security card.
  • Any temporary ID card.

It is important to mention that in case your ID document is not written in English letters, then your test center administration may not be able to read it and prevent you from taking the test. Plus, you will not be refunded!

Unable To Meet ID Requirements

In case you have refugee status, political asylum, or can’t meet the ID requirements, then you need to contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity seven days before you register (at least). You will be receiving approval from them before the registration, which you will need to submit while registration.

In case you didn’t, you will not be able to take the test or your scores will be cancelled. Also, you will not be refunded for the test fee you paid.

Here is how you can contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (OTI)

(Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern time, except U.S. holidays)

[email protected]


How to Choose the Right Date and Test Center to Pass the Exam?

The TOEFL exam, administered via the internet, is held all around the year and offered more than 50 times at authorized test centers worldwide appointed by ETS. To choose a specific date and time to take the TOEFL exam, test takers have to log in to their TOEFL iBT account and click “Register for a Test” to see all the available up-to-date test center and date information.

Dates and Sessions

It is recommended to have your target TOEFL exam day at least a month before your application deadline in order to have enough time to prepare your application. In case you need to retake the TOEFL test, you can do the same thing three days after the first attempt. For instance, if your application deadline is September, then you should take the exam by August.

Test Centers

There is a plethora of TOEFL test centers around the world. All you need to do is find the test location most suitable for you, and then date and time that works best for you.

Fees and Cost

The TOEFL cost is different worldwide. Usually, the cost ranges from US$160 to US$250, including one online score report for test taker and one paper copy upon request. If additional official score reports are needed, the fee is US$19 for each report ordered.

If none or any of these conditions do not satisfy you, do not forget that the TOEFL is not the only exam you can take. There are other well-known language exams, such as the IELTS.  You can take a look at the differences between TOEFL vs IELTS and see for yourself!

Cancel or Change Your TOEFL IBT Exam Registration

In case test takers intend to reschedule or cancel their TOEFL registration, they have to request a change or cancelation 3 days before the test date.

There are two ways to cancel or reschedule your TOEFL exam:

  • One way is to log in to your personal account, click “View Order(s)” on the home page, then click “Modify” or “Cancel” on the Order Summary page;
  • The other way is by calling the hotline support.
  • Please note that you cannot reschedule or cancel your exam by mail.

The rescheduling service is not free and is charged at US$60. The fee must be paid up before a new date is registered.

In case you cancel your TOEFL exam up to 3 days before the test day, you will be refunded half of the original test fee.

What Do You Need to Bring With You on Your Test Day?

Here are all the essential items you need to bring on the day of your TOEFL exam:

1. The confirmation email from ETS printed out.
2. A picture of your ID card:

  • It should not expire.
  • It should have a photo of you.
  • The name should be identical to the name on your confirmation email.
  • Your ID with your signature.
  • Your passport in case you are outside your home country.

3. Different layers of clothing to be prepared for the temperature at your test center.
4. A little snack to eat during the break because the TOEFL test can last for more than 4 hours.
5. A bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

Do NOT bring:

  1. Valuables or a lot of cash because you may not have a safe place to keep them during the test.
  2. Pencils, pens, and extra paper because they will be provided to you at the test center.

Note: If these requirements do not satisfy you, we have written an article on the TOEFL at Home Edition. Take a look at it and see if taking the TOEFL at home might be a better choice for you.

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What Happens Before, During and After Your Test Day?

Here are some TOEFL Tips to help you score high at the exam:

  • Before the test begins, the test administrator will assign you a seat.
  • You will receive noise-reducing headphones with a microphone to use during the Speaking section of the test.
  • You can’t leave the testing room or the test center without permission, even during breaks.
  • If you go to the rest room or the storage area, the test time will not stop.
  • You will need to return all scratch paper to the test administrator. Try not to remove or tear any part of it.
  • You will be using the standard QWERTY keyboard for the test, so in case you are not used to it, make sure to include it during your preparation.
  • You can always raise your hand and ask questions.


  • You will be able to see your unofficial scores at the end of the test for the Listening and Reading sections to allow you to make a well-informed decision about reporting your scores.
  • All the official scores will be ready in 6 days (approximately) which you can view online.
  • Within 8 days after the test, you will be allowed to download a PDF copy of your score.
  • You will receive a paper score report in the mail within 11 days after the test.
  • Your scores can be sent to four institutions for free, but you need to select them before the test day.

The Results

  • You will receive a total score from 0 to 120 for the entire test and a score from 0 to 30 for each section.
  • Your score will be valid for up to two years after the test date.
  • If you are not satisfied with your results, you retake the test as many times as you’d like.

If you have any more questions about the TOEFL test, its format, pattern or fees, feel free to browse our blog!

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