TOEFL Registration: Personal Account creation

The TOEFL IBT test can be useful for travelling or immigration purposes. Before test takers attend a TOEFL exam, they are required to register themselves online or by other means. If doing TOEFL registration online, the test takers shall go to TOEFL ETS’s official website, create TOEFL IBT account and set up their own profiles to access all their information in one place and register for a test. TOEFL ETS website usually has a time limit for visitors which is among multiple security measures to ensure the safety of registrants’ private information.

Registration by phone is also valid, test taker may call up Prometric office before its closing time to register and are highly recommended to make a call three business days before the test date.

Another way to register is by fax. In this way, test takers must send their fax at least seven days prior to their chosen test day. Also test takers can register themselves by mail or courier. They are requested to fill in the form, get the draft made if the payment is not made through credit card and submit those documents at least three weeks before their chosen test day to the prometric center either by hand in person or by registered post or courier. Prometric Technology Center will schedule an appointment once receiving the documents and a confirmed notice with testing date, time and location will be sent back to the test takers.  After profile creation, test takers will log in and reach “My Home Page” where they can get relevant services such as register a test, order score report services, view past scores and orders and update personal information in the profile. If you wish to know more about getting a good score at your TOEFL test, we have all the information you need.

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ID requirements for TOEFL registration

ID requirements for test takers depend on testing location and citizenship. General ID include several requirements. First of all, the ID document must be original, photocopied documents are not acceptable; second, the ID document must be valid and not be expired, documents with expired dates will be rejected; third, full name of the test taker included in the ID document must be matching exactly with the name he or she used when TOEFL registration is made; the ID document must contain a recently taken, identifiable photograph. It is test takers’ responsibility to bring valid, up-to-date and acceptable ID when they report to a test center. In the event that test takers fail to do so, or if the name on their ID doesn’t match exactly with the name on their TOEFL registration, they will not be permitted to test and the test fee will be not refunded.

Test centers, dates and fees

TOEFL exam, administered via the internet, is held all around the year and offered more than 50 times at authorized test centers worldwide appointed by ETS. To choose specific date and time to take TOEFL exam, test takers have to log in to their TOEFL iBT accountand click “Register for a Test” to see all the available up-to-date test center and date information. As for fees and cost, they depend on the test place test takers choose. Usually, the cost ranges from US$160 to US$250, including one online score report for test taker and one paper copy upon request. If additional official score reports are needed, the fee is US$19 for each report ordered.

We also have written some articles to help you find test centers in Canada, in Germany, in Belgium, in Switzerland, in Ireland, in UK, in the US, in China, in Manila, in Brazil and in Netherlands.

Cancel or change for TOEFL registration

In case test takers intend to reschedule or cancel their TOEFL registration, they have to request a change or cancelation three days before test date and the test date or request day is not included. Rescheduling service is not free and is charged at US$60 and the fee must be paid up before a new date is registered. There are two methods available when asking for rescheduling or cancellation. One way is to log in to personal account, click “View Order(s)” on test taker’s home page, then click “Modify” or “Cancel” on the Order Summary page; the other way is by calling hotline support. TOEFL registration and full name of the test taker are required to complete modification. Plus, email request to reschedule or cancel is not acceptable. Half of the original test fee test taker have paid will be refunded if cancellation request for TOEFL registration is made three days before the deadline and will be credited to the original bank account the test taker used to pay if paid by credit or debit card.

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