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With the development of the Internet, free yet poor quality preparation programs for the TOEFL have become widespread. Today, Internet users who are willing to find free online practice and TOEFL sample test can spend a whole day trying out the enticing online training opportunities. They will waste their time and ultimately be disappointed: if they manage to find one exercise or sample test in the middle of all the adverts, its quality will probably be poor.

If the Global-Exam team invites TOEFL candidates to research the best TOEFL preparation program and sample test for them, be careful! Whether free or subject to payment, we are giving you the key elements of an efficient TOEFL preparation.

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To help you find free TOEFL practice on the Internet, we recommend that you carefully select your sources! We advise you to check the official TOEFL website which offers free relevant information. It is also possible to train online for free by downloading exercises. However, the official TOEFL website only provides a few exercises for free, which is not sufficient for an optimal training.

Many other websites attempt to attract Internet users by promising free TOEFL practice and sample test, which are in fact poorly-designed quizzes which sell bad-quality services to TOEFL candidates.

Free online TOEFL sample test nevertheless exists on Global-Exam! Discover as soon as possible our solutions to practice TOEFL!

You will find free quality tips to better prepare for the exam. Global-Exam’s teaching team gives you their best practices.


Global-Exam was created to help TOEFL candidates at all levels perform better on the exam thanks to thorough preparation. To help you succeed, we offer the largest online database of exercises and TOEFL sample test in addition to training under real exam conditions on TOEFL papers designed by experts.

All you need to do is to go to Global-Exam’s online training database and create an account in the blink of an eye (name, email).

You will have access to the equivalent of a full mock-exam, i.e. four-hour training. On Global-Exam, you will therefore be able to practice TOEFL exercises for free.

Do not wait anymore and register to practice TOEFL and improve your score.

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