Why should you pass the TOEFL exam

The TOEFL is an internationally-recognised language test which certifies English level. The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) will indeed be useful if you wish to integrate a university or graduate school abroad, but also if you seek an internship or a work placement overseas. Some countries’ immigration services may also use the TOEFL to test your English level, when considering whether granting you a work visa or allowing you to stay, for instance. In short, if you want to travel, study or work abroad, your TOEFL score will be your passport to settling in an English-speaking country. That is why it is so important to obtain a good score at the TOEFL exam.

In this article, I will lay down the inner workings of the TOEFL IBT, along with what makes it so important and how to obtain the highest possible score.

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For its worldwide recognition

The TOEFL is one of the most popular language tests across the world. It is recognised by numerous schools and colleges in more than 130 countries. Certifying a TOEFL score means demonstrating your linguistic abilities to various actors. Passing the TOEFL ensures your English level will be recognised worldwide.

The TOEFL for studying abroad

Many students dream of joining a college overseas. Doing so opens the door to discovering a new country, a new culture and meeting many other international students. It is certainly a very fulfilling experience, both academically as well as on a personal level. The TOEFL will be your passport to study abroad, be it for a semester, an exchange year or the totality of your studies (only, however, when it comes to your English level!). It is indeed recognised in more than 9 000 colleges, meaning that in most universities, your TOEFL score will act as a certification for your English level.

Before jumping into preparing the TOEFL, it is essential to know what is the minimal score demanded by the colleges where you want to study. Why does this matter? Once you know their expected score, you’ll be able to determine how many points you must reach at the TOEFL in order to be accepted. Besides, this will help you set a goal and stay focused!

A fair warning: the school or college in question can determine a minimum score for each section of the test (such as Writing). In effect, you may have a very good score overall but still be rejected by the school because you don’t meet the required numbers of points in one of the other sections.

If you want to know what score you should obtain at the TOEFL, this website lays down the minimum score expected by different universities abroad.

To certify your level

Wanting to study abroad is only one reason to pass the TOEFL. Obtaining a specific score at the TOEFL allows you to evaluate your English level at a point in time. It is worthwhile to prefer the TOEFL to other, less-recognised tests. Indeed, a larger number of people, in France and abroad, will be able to understand and interpret your results so as to evaluate your English level.

To improve your resume

We would all want to get ahead of other applicants and be preferred by recruiters. Passing the TOEFL allows you to attest your language level and concretise it by indicating a specific score directly on your CV. It also shows without doubt how involved and committed you are. Moreover, recruiters will be able to pinpoint exactly where your level sits, rather than wonder at a vague mention such as ‘regular practice’, ‘professional practice’, etc. The TOEFL is thus a good addition to your resume, giving you a more credible profile by certifying your language level (to know how to indicate your language level on your CV, look no further than here!).

Nonetheless, be mindful to indicate a valid score: indeed, the TOEFL has a limited period of validity. Your score will be valid up to 2 years. If your score has expired, this may indicate you are not keeping an up-to-date CV.

To certify that you can work in an English-speaking setting

Even if the TOEFL has a wider, more generalist reach than its TOEIC consort, obtaining a good score at the TOEFL will prove to recruiters and future employers alike that you are well able to work in an English-speaking setting. More than a mere CV mention, it indicates you are operational. It means you will be at ease in an English-speaking country, that you won’t get lost. This will especially matter if your field leads you to travel, meet and communicate with colleagues of various nationalities.

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