How to prepare for TOEFL ?

You must prepare the TOEFL in order to succeed! The TOEFL is a specific exam with particular themes, instructions and exercises. Having a good level in English is not enough to get a good score on the TOEFL. As such, English levels being equal, a candidate who followed a good method to prepare TOEFL Exam will get much better score than a candidate who has only worked on his English language skills. To get a good score, you should therefore improve your level in English but also acquire specific skills for the TOEFL exam.

To those who want to optimize their TOEFL preparation, we advise you to :

  • Identify the best possible training to prepare TOEFL and reach objectives
  • Prepare for the TOEFL using quality material

TOEFL exam

The TOEFL can help you a lot, there are many reasons to take the TOEFL, especially if you want to work or study abroad. If you need more information about the registration process, check our article on how to register for TOEFL. We also have written some articles to help you find test centers in Canada, in Germany, in Belgium, in Switzerland, in Ireland, in UK, in the US, in China, in Manila, in Brazil and in Netherlands.

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TOEFL – Training

The TOEFL Test has long been widely recognised. Thus, several centres offering support to prepare TOEFL have been created to help students taking this exam. Candidates today can therefore feel lost in the great diversity of TOEFL preparation tools.

To get a clearer picture, candidates must analyse their needs – whether they want to take the test quickly and train intensively, or to save money, and so on. They should then determine the costs and advantages of the different TOEFL preparation materials.

The three main TOEFL training supports are the following:

  • Books
  • Courses
  • the Internet: discover GlobalExam’s free offer to access high-quality online practice

Each training support has its pros and cons. Courses can be tailored but expensive; books can be cheap but offer a limited amount of exercises; online practice is easy but its quality is often poor. Note that these different supports can complement each other, but you should always take time to find out which option is best adapted to your own needs.

TOEFL – Preparation

GlobalExam’s teaching team gives you its winning strategies to succeed in your TOEFL preparation. A good training combines at least two things:

1. Knowing everything about TOEFL exam

It is essential to know and master the TOEFL structure (How are the exercises combined? Which topics? How are they presented?):

  • to target specific points which can be improved when preparing
  • to become familiar with the questions, and even to anticipate the answers during the exam.

Knowing precisely what the TOEFL test is will help you prepare and focus your revision on the exercises which will give you more points, according to your strategy. On exam day, you will be reassured as you will already know the instructions, the amount of time you must spend on each exercise, how exercises are combined, tips on what to do and what to avoid… this is precious.

2. Training regularly, in real conditions

After discovering and analysing the TOEFL structure, do as many exercises as you can! Each TOEFL exercise is specific (length, question type, theme…): the more you train, the better you will understand what the graders expect. GlobalExam has designed a unique solution to succeed in your TOEFL preparation and thus gain more points. Register and discover the largest online database of TOEFL exercises – free exercises, more than 30 mock exams, 120 training hours and 3,000 questions – all on the TOEFL format. You also will find vocabulary and grammar sheets in order to improve your English level, along with recommandations and tips.

Remember the good tips!

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