TOEFL sample test and TOEFL Exercises: how to find them online

Prepare for TOEFL test

Unlike other English level tests, TOEFL test is a specifically designed exam with particular themes, instructions and exercises. As such, only having a good English level is not sufficient to succeed in such an exam, test takers need to acquire specific skills to secure good scores. An effective training method should be followed before scoring high points. For test takers whose English level are equally the same, those who prepare under the instruction of a good training method and with TOEFL sample test will definitely get a much higher score than others who has simply worked on their English language skills. There are supporting TOEFL centers created to help students win the exam. They offer a great diversity of TOEFL preparation tools to support training, including books, courses and online practice. It is better for test takers to analyze their needs first before determining advantages of different TOEFL preparation materials.

Furthermore, to make the most out of TOEFL preparation materials, certain strategies to help understand more about the test are worth test takers’ attention. First, it is essential for test takers to know and master the TOEFL structure to have a clear picture and prepare accordingly, and learn the instructions about the TOEFL exercises and how they are combined through real-time practice until it becomes second nature. To do so test takers will see themselves become quicker and more confident and easily concentrate their energy on what the questions are looking for. Second, test takers should set the right goals according to the requirements of educational institutions they apply for rather than ambitious but unreachable ones, those goals will motivate test takers to work productively while training and assess the workload necessary to pass the TOEFL. Last but not least, test takers need to set up an efficient and well defined methodology to improve scores. That includes setting up a roadmap to stick to and find the right studying materials.

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What is TOEFL sample test

Each training support has its pros and cons. Courses can be tailor made but cost more; books can be cheap but offer a limited amount of exercises; online practice is extensively accessible but its quality and effect is as good as expected. These different supports can complement each other, but test takers should always take time to find out which option is best adapted to their own needs. Free TOEFL sample test is generally designed by training institutions to provide test takers with a taste of the experience of what it is like sitting the actual exam. TOEFL sample test will also show test takers the quality of their tests, user interface and their scoring system. All tests closely resemble the real TOEFL exam and match its academic difficulty. TOEFL sample test does have some limitations compared to the Full TOEFL Practice Tests training institutions can offer. Each component in the sample test covers only parts of the test sections that are normally included in the full exams.

How to find TOEFL sample test online

ETS presents on its official website TOEFL sample test called “the TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler”, providing free unlimited access to past TOEFL test questions from all four sections of the test. Test takers can download these questions and use them to practice as often as they like. The download includes interactive Reading and Listening questions, as well as sample responses to Speaking and Writing questions.

Global-Exam online platform is another place where test takers can find free TOEFL sample test.  Global-Exam team offers the largest online database of TOEFL sample test to help candidates familiar with the test. The TOEFL sample test provided by Global-Exam teaching team is equivalent to a four-hour full mock-exam training. Many other websites also attempt to attract Internet users by promising free TOEFL practice and sample test, test takers have to identify closely to avoid poorly-designed quizzes with bad-quality services.

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