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In this post, we are going to give all the information for succeeding your TOEFL test preparation for the Speaking section.

  • What is assessed in the Speaking section of the TOEFL test;
  • Some sample questions for you to know what to expect;
  • How we at GlobalExam can help you hit the TOEFL IBT score you need!

The Speaking section will hold no secrets for you!

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What Abilities Are Assessed in the TOEFL Speaking Section?

The speaking portion of the TOEFL measures your ability to communicate orally in English. This 17-minute test will assess your ability to express yourself in a structured, clear and effective way through 4 types of exercises. This test will involve demonstrating the mastery of your English, the fluency of your oral expression and the relevance of your answers.

TOEFL Speaking Practice: Sample Questions for Training

Below you will find question types for the TOEFL speaking tests. However, if you wish to train for the other sections of the TOEFL, be sure to read the following articles:

Question 1 – Independent Speaking Question

  • Some people believe that a healthy diet is the most important way to stay healthy. Others maintain that exercise is more important. Which opinion do you most agree with? Explain why.
  • Some people believe that competing against themselves and reaching personal goals while practicing physical activities is beneficial. Others prefer to enjoy and have fun while doing exercises. Which behavior do you think is better?
  • Some people prefer waking up early while others like to stay in bed for as long as possible in the morning. Which do you prefer? Explain why.
  • Some people think that price is the most important thing to consider when buying something. Others think that quality is more important. Which do you think is more important?
  • Some people like to spend time with their colleagues outside of work and often form friendships, whilst others choose to keep their social life totally separate. Which do you think is better? Include details and examples to support your explanation.
  • Some people consider that never failing is the only way to be successful. Others think that failing at things is the most important factor in success. Which idea do you think is better and why?
  • Do you think vaccines should be mandatory or optional?
  • Some people believe that there are benefits to failure. Others believe that failure is a weakness. Which do you believe and why? Use reasons and examples to support your decision.

girl speaking on the phone

Question 2 – Integrated Campus-Related Speaking Question

Sample Exercise 1

Text 1: The university is planning to offer a free language course. Read a short article announcing it. Give yourself 45 seconds to read the article. Then listen to students discussing the same topic.

Text 2: University to offer free Spanish courses this trimester. Due to an influx of exchange students from Spain and Latin America, starting this trimester the university will be offering free Spanish language tuition for interested parties. Participation in these courses is limited, however, and preference will be given to those students taking part in activities directly related to the exchange program. Go to the university website for further details.

Question 1: The woman expresses her opinion on the language course offered. State her opinion and the reasons she has for holding it.

Sample Exercise 2

Text 1: The university is planning to close the library for refurbishment during the summer. Give yourself 45 seconds to read the announcement below.

Text 2: Main library to close for renovation. Due to both water damage caused by the recent storms, and much-needed renovation work, the main campus library will be closed during the months of July and August while it undergoes repairs. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. The libraries in Maxwell House and The Law library opposite the cafeteria will not be affected.

Question 1: The man expresses his opinion on the closure of the library. State his opinion and explain the reasons he has for holding it.

Sample Exercise 3

Text 1: The university is planning a Spring Break trip to New York. Give yourself 45 seconds to read the announcement below.

Text 2: Upcoming Spring Break Trip. The university is pleased to announce that once again, we will be organising a four-day trip to New York City during the Spring Break. We’ve put this event on every year for the past seven, and participation has been great each year.

This year, we will be visiting two museums and going to the new theme park which has just opened near LaGuardia airport. Interested students should go to the Student Union office on the third floor of the Maxwell building for more information.

Question 1: The man expresses his opinion about the trip. Explain what it is, and his reasons for holding it.

Sample Exercise 4

Text 1: World University is adding an art requirement to its curriculum. Read the article about the addition in the university newspaper. You will have 45 seconds to read the article.

Text 2: New Arts Credit Requirement. Starting next year, every student attending World University will be required to take an art credit as part of their liberal arts curriculum. This decision comes in addition to last year’s new language credit.

Both of these changes are part of the university’s ongoing attempt to broaden their programs and ensure that students experience a more varied educational base. It is also part of an attempt to strengthen relations between different departments and allow for future cross-departmental projects. Students will be allowed to choose from a number of art classes, including visual, graphic, and performing arts.

Question 1: The man expresses his opinion of the university’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.

Sample Exercise 5

Text 1: The University is changing to Meal Plan pre-payment cards for dining services on campus. Read the announcement from Student Food Services about the change. Give yourself 45 seconds to read the announcement.

Text 2: Introduction of Meal Plan Pre-payment Cards for Dining Services

Starting next semester, students will need to use Meal Plan pre-payment cards in the Dining Hall as other forms of payment will no longer be accepted. This is in response to complaints about standing in line too long at mealtimes and meal options running out.

Using swipe-cards will speed up payments and therefore reduce waiting times. In addition, you will be able to preview menus and pre-order via the app. Please apply online or at Student Services and be ready to make a minimum down-payment of $200 as this will ensure there are sufficient points on the card.

Question 1: The man expresses his opinion of the university’s plan. Stare his opinion and the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.

Be sure to go over as many TOEFL sample tests as possible in order to be ready for all types of questions on your test day.

Question 3 & 4 – Integrated Academic Speaking Question

You will find some more TOEFL practice questions for this integrated task of the TOEFL iBT speaking section.

Sample Exercise 1

Text 1: Read a passage from a Biology textbook. You have 45 seconds to read it.

Text 2: What is mitosis? In Biology, the process called mitosis is a part of the cell cycle, in which chromosomes are replicated and separated into two new nuclei. This is a process which only occurs in certain types of cells, called eukaryotic cells. Most animals undergo this type of mitosis, although the process can vary between one animal and the next.

Errors sometimes occur during this process, which is how many forms of cancer come to be. These are typically caused by having too few or too many chromosomes in the duplicated cells. Some organisms also use mitosis as a form of reproduction.

Question 1: Explain what mitosis is, and how the professor uses the examples to illustrate it.

man speaking to a statue

Sample Exercise 2

Text 1: Read a passage from a history textbook. You have 45 seconds to read the passage.

Text 2: The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty signed between Germany and the Allied powers at the end of the First World War. The treaty stated, among other things, that Germany bore responsibility for starting the war, and was responsible for paying reparations to compensate the Allies for their financial losses. It also forced Germany to cede important territories and to disarm, in order to prevent the outbreak of further hostilities.

Many historians blame the overly draconian terms of the treaty for the outbreak of WWII, as it humiliated Germany and allowed Hitler to come to power on a promise of restoring the country and avenging its humiliations.

  • Question: Using the examples given in the lecture, explain the perceived unfairness of the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Question: Using the points and examples from the lecture, explain the concept of opportunity cost, both in an economic and day-to-day context.
  • Question: Using the points and examples from the lecture, explain the business applications of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  • Question: Using the points and examples from the lecture, explain the concept of the Overton Window.
  • Question: Using points and examples from the lecture, explain the two different approaches to vocabulary learning given by the professor.
  • Question: Using points and examples from the lecture, explain why Marie Curie is cited as a woman who made a significant difference in the twentieth century.

You can refer to our article on TOEFL practice tests and questions for the 4 sections. If you wish know more about the type questions and their corrected answers then join our training program by subscribing to GlobalExam!

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