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Is the TOEFL IBT suited for me?

The TOEFL IBT evaluates academic English level. Thus, it is principally geared towards students seeking to:

  • Resume their studies at third-level.
  • Enjoy international mobility during their studies (such as leaving to study in the States, like Lucile for example).
  • Apply to a scholarship or an official certification.
  • Obtain a visa for an English-speaking country.

However, numerous firms also accept the TOEFL IBT as an English certification since this very detailed 4-hour test evaluates the candidates’ 4 linguistic competencies: comprehension and expression, both oral and written.

Check here how to register for the TOEFL, and how to directly apply online.

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How much does the TOEFL IBT cost?

The registering fee for the TOEFL IBT solely varies according to the country testing and does not depend on agreements between the exam centre and ETS (which can be the case for the TOEIC).

In France, registering to the TOEFL IBT costs 245$, that is roughly 220€ -while in Burkina Faso, for instance, it would be 160$.

This price includes:

  • 1 online attestation you can download on PDF
  • 1 paper attestation (if you asked it during registering)
  • 4 official score certifications sent to the institutions of your choosing

How long is the TOEFL IBT valid for?

Your TOEFL IBT score is valid up to 2 years after the date of the test. For example, if you passed the test on the 12th of December 2015, your certificate will be valid until the 12th of December 2017 included.

The TOEFL IBT score certification contains:

  • The scores obtained for each field of competencies (/30 points each).
  • Your total score (/120 points).
  • Explanations as to your level of aptitude (with comments ranging from ‘Low’ to ‘High’ for the comprehension and from ‘Weak’ to ‘Good’ for the expression).
  • Comments on the students’ typical performances.

Where and when can I sit the exam?

‘The TOEFL IBT test, administered via Internet, is offered more than 50 times a year in ETS-authorised test centres throughout the world’. -Education Testing Service (ETS)

The TOEFL IBT is offered in most large cities in France. If you want to know whether there is a TOEFL IBT exam centre offering sessions soon in your town, check the TOEFL exam centres or search directly on your TOEFL IBT account which exam centre is best suited to you!

There has to be one nearby, as is the case in many other countries!