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So, you have heard about the format and the details of the question types for the TOEIC Bridge exam, but what you really want is to look over a sample test.

GlobalExam can offer you multiple sample tests and help you get a high TOEIC Bridge score!

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What should you be noticing on the sample test?

Usually, people go straight to the questions and try to answer them. It’s normal. What you should do though is stop and take your time. Go through the test page by page and ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Do I understand the wording of instructions?
  2. Where would I mark my answers?
  3. Do I understand what to do for each question type?
  4. Is there any vocabulary in the questions, particularly the reading, I don’t know?
  5. How do I feel when I see the questions: confident, fine, worried, clueless?

Part of doing well on an exam is of course knowing the material well, but understanding the format-question types, wording, etc. will boost your score. Often when people practice, they don’t focus on the exam’s format. Then during the actual exam, even though they may be quite good at English, they waste time figuring things out or feel some confusion, leading to a lower score.

For question #1, if you don’t understand the wording of a question, then you better find out now. Language exams tend to use the same types of questions and wording, so you want to be sure that you aren’t spending valuable test time figuring out what a question means on the day of your exam.

Regarding question #4, if you see vocabulary that you aren’t sure about, then you should make note of it and learn those words; it’s a gap in your knowledge that you need to fill.

Looking over the free sample test is a start and very helpful. But, what should you do next? That’s a good question, and that’s where GlobalExam enters the picture.

Why choose GlobalExam?

There’s plenty out there for the big three English tests: TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS, but if you go online and search for TOEIC Bridge, it can be difficult to find good information, sample exercises and an interesting website.

Relax, GlobalExam is a test preparation website that not only covers the big tests; we have good, reliable information and materials for a wide range of other language exams, too. Test preparation is our thing, and it’s a thing that we’re really good at.

We have preparation materials that are authentic and current, not some upload from five years ago. There are practice tests, questions with corrected answers and best of all we design a study plan specifically for you that comes with personalized progress tracking metrics and feedback. With GlobalExam, you will know how you are doing at all times. We remove the guesswork from your studying so that you can focus on learning and getting ready for your exam day. Studying alone can be hard since you don’t know if you are doing the right things. With our feedback, you’ll know how you are doing.

Start practicing for free for the Toeic Bridge.

Classes at a school are a good idea, but how many people will be in the class? How much personal feedback will you receive form the instructor? Is the instructor a test preparation specialist or a random teacher? With GlobalExam, none of these will be issues.

  • Each of our TOEIC Bridge premium plans provides you with 60 sample exercises and access to 15 training hours and 1500 questions with answers. 
  • We have three practice tests – timed to simulate test conditions. 
  • We design a study plan just for you that gets you ready in time for your test date.
  • Use our targeted grammar and vocabulary study materials that give you the opportunity to prepare for important exam topics.
  • Which device do you want to use? It’s up to you: a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Multi-device training enables you to study at home, at school or on the road.

Free Samples

In addition to our paid plans, we offer a sample of free services for you to try. We offer two sample exercises and vocabulary and grammar study materials. They are free to use with no obligation to sign up for a paid plan.

Premium Versions

Below is a list of our premium plans, their cost and length. We are flexible and want you to feel comfortable studying with us.

  • Every week: 29.90€
  • Every month: 59.90€
  • Every quarter: 99.90€
  • Every year: 199.90€

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