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Online Preparation for the TOEIC®


1) Register and try out our online preparation for free

You can try out all the exercises available on the Global-Exam platform for free. To do so, you simply have to create an account. When signing on, you have to choose a test: tick TOEIC for the standardised business English test.

Creating your account is very easy: you simply have to enter your personal details online. You will then receive a confirmation email to activate your registration. Simply follow the instructions.

You will have a free access to the articles we have written for you about sample test, TOEIC mock exams, tips for your training, strategies….

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2) Choose your subscription formula to prepare for the TOEIC online

To adapt to everyone’s needs, Global-Exam has designed four different offers:

  • 7-day subscription (29.9€)
  • 30-day subscription (59.9€)
  • 90-day subscription (99.9€)
  • 1 year subscription (199.9€)

To choose the right subscription, you must think about how much time you have to prepare for the test. Also take into account how intensively you want to work.

3) Understand the TOEIC’s structure with the TOEIC ebook

Before starting the exercises, you must understand how the exam you are preparing for works. This is why it is important to browse the ebook often: to get to know the TOEIC well. The more you know about the TOEIC, the more efficient you will be during your preparation. The ebook is a key tool which presents the TOEIC sections (Listening and Reading) and how the exam unfolds. Moreover, the ebook contains recurring questions and will allow you to anticipate them.


4) Measure your initial level with a first mock exam online

Before training with the exercises, we advise you to complete a mock exam online. You must do it under real exam conditions and play by the exam rules. This first mock exam will allow you to evaluate your initial level. This way, you can determine your scope for improvement to reach your goal. Be specific when defining your goal in order to adopt an optimal strategy during your online preparation (one university will require an overall mark at the TOEIC while another will require minimum marks in each section).

5) Practise with the Training mode

Choose the Training mode to work on each section of the test at the beginning of your preparation. Do not hesitate do vary the exercises and sections. The Training mode will allow you to familiarise yourself with the TOEIC.

6) Read the TOEIC explanatory notes

You can read the notes provided by Global-Exam to benefit from various tips. The notes are synthetic and designed specifically to answer all your questions.

7) Switch onto the Exam mode

After a couple of days training, you can opt for the Exam mode. You will be working on mock exams under real exam conditions. For example, you cannot go back to a question after answering it. The several mock exams put at your disposal are precious resources and can be used again and again by any user.

8) To follow your progress, pay attention to the answer keys and personal dashboard provided by Global-Exam

In order to improve quickly, it is important to understand your mistakes and the answer keys you are provided with. Not to make the same mistakes again, pay attention to the answer keys following each exercise. You can also follow your progress on your dashboard: it will show you your mark for each type of exercise. To improve your results, spot your strengths and weaknesses.

9) Share with other Global-Exam users all along your online preparation

To break out of preparation loneliness, you can share with other Global Players on the Global-Exam Facebook page, the forum and the blog. This way, you can share your user experience and ask questions. All these communication tools are also a wealth of useful tips. Be in touch with other candidates preparing for your test as much as possible.

10) Thanks to Global-Exam, you are finally ready to take the TOEIC!

All the tools made available on Global-Exam are effective resources to prepare for the TOEIC online. Exercises are adapted to the test requirements and are numerous. You can have unlimited access to 60 hours of training for the TOEIC and more than 30 mock exams. Thanks to this high-quality platform, you now know exactly what your test requires. Working on the same questions will allow you to anticipate them on the exam day. You are therefore perfectly ready to take the TOEIC!

Check here if you want to prepare your TOEIC abroad!