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Practice TOEIC® with a high-quality sample test !

Let’s be clear: GlobalExam is not a free href="">TOEIC training platform. We offer high-quality training packages on an optimised interface to help you practice TOEIC and increase your mark. This entails a cost, even though GlobalExam offers the highest quality preparation for the best value prices with our great base of TOEIC sample tests. A quick look at other packages on offer and you will quickly realise that our deals are highly competitive. You can also discover GlobalExam’s strategies for free.

check all the tips for yout preparation. It will give you a good overview of which strategies to adopt in order to maximise your score.


Nevertheless, GlobalExam offers TOEIC tips and full mock exam for free to allow you to discover our expert support. GlobalExam offers 1 free training package for each of the 8 TOEIC exercises. You simply have to create an account – which will take no time at all (name, last name, password).

Test my level for free

Practice TOEIC for free

Practise for free on Global-Exam with our trial membership: free TOEIC.

Our free TOEIC training package:

TOEIC Listening

  • Exercise 1 = 1 free training exercise
  • Exercise 2 = 1 free training exercise
  • Exercise 3 = 1 free training exercise
  • Exercise 4 = 1 free training exercise

TOEIC Reading 

  • Exercise 5 = 1 free training exercise
  • Exercise 6 = 1 free training exercise
  • Exercise 7A = 1 free training exercise
  • Exercise 7B = 1 free training exercise

Thanks to these free TOEIC training exercises and TOEIC sample tests, you will be able to evaluate your current level and experience the high quality of our preparation programme!

Free Online TOEIC Training

GlobalExam is one of the very few exam preparation platform to offer high-quality, free online TOEIC exercises and TOEIC sample tests.

Any good reasons to train online ?

There are indeed many free training websites available to practice TOEIC. Yet these contain a great number of adverts, few actual resources and even fewer high-quality training exercises! It is therefore impossible to find free and effective TOEIC preparation. Moreover, using low-quality training exercises available online can do more harm than good.

Discover our free online TOEIC training by creating your account in 30 seconds! With a full TOEIC mock exam, our free exercises will help you target your needs and maximise your TOEIC preparation.

Check here if you want to prepare your TOEIC abroad!