GlobalExam provides grammar revisions at the C1 and C2 levels so you’ll be fully prepared to take the DALF tests and reach your target score.

While you always stand to benefit from reviewing basic grammar, at the C1 and C2 levels, we’ve come up with grammar files and exercises to apply some of the more difficult aspects of French grammar.

When it comes to time agreement, you should know how to accurately talk about events in the past, present, and future so you can effectively argue your point of view.

You’ll surely want to go over the elusive past simple tense: what it means and when you should use it. Find out how it’s used and how you can incorporate it to impress your examiners!

Finally, it always helps to master expressions and structures that connect and organize your speech and writing. This will set your speech and essay apart and demonstrate that you have perfect knowledge of French and deserve your DALF certificate!


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