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All you need to know about the DELF B2 exam

What you’ll read here is a brief explanation of what the DELF B2 exam is and what an exam candidate will encounter at this level of DELF. Also, we’ll take a quick look at the scoring and time limits of the exam. These are handy things to know if you plan on sitting for the exam since the better informed you are, the better your test performance is likely to be. Beyond the contents of the exam, we’ll also talk to you about what it is we do at GlobalExam, and how we can get you read for the DELF B2 level exam effectively, conveniently and at an affordable price.

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What is the DELF B2?

DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue) has four exams that assess a candidate’s ability to use and understand the French language. DELF is intended for non-native French speakers, and the exam is widely available around the world; moreover, DELF is recognized and controlled by the French ministry of education, so it is a well-regarded and widely accepted language exam. The B2 level exam is designed to test the B2 CEFR level

What is the B2 CEFR level?

The CEFR is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; it is a well-designed, authoritative set of standards that most contemporary textbooks, universities and employers use in Europe and around the globe. A brief description of the B2 level is below:

  • B2 Upper intermediate level: This candidate would be able to satisfy most goals and discuss a wide range of issues and topics. Academic materials, and specialized materials can cause trouble, but common situations are handled without problem. B2 users have a degree of independence, allowing them to construct arguments to support opinions, explain views and negotiate. At this level, candidates have fluency and spontaneity in regular interactions.

After reading the above description, you should be getting the idea that the DELF B2 level exam is demanding. You will need to prepare well.

What is the DELF B2?

Structure of the DELF B2 Level Exam

Basically, DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue), which has four exams, is designed to test  A1B1,A2, B2, C1, C2 (CEFR).The DELF B2 exam has four areas in which it assesses each candidate: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Below is an outline of what a candidate can expect to encounter during an exam.


There are comprehension questions on three recordings. Areas covered are

  • An interview, news bulletin, etc. (played once)
  • A presentation, lecture, speech, documentary, radio or television program (played twice).

The maximum time for a recording is eight minutes. That will seem very long during the actual exam. The listening section in its entirety lasts approximately 30 minutes.


There are comprehension questions on two written documents. The documents may be

  • A text of an informational nature, regarding France or the French-speaking world
  • A text of an argumentative nature

Expect to encounter a wide variety of vocabulary and sentence structures in the readings. This section lasts approximately one hour.


You will have to write and assume a personal position that contributes to a debate, formal letter, or review of a film/book. This section will last an hour.

You are expected to write logically, coherently and support your views properly. Additionally, you must use the appropriate expressions of formality for academic writing in French. A very good range of vocabulary with a variety of sentence structures are expected as is the ability to minimize grammatical and spelling errors.


Each candidate will state and defend an opinion, based on a short document that is designed to elicit a reaction from you. A candidate’s opinions must be academically stated i.e. use formal terms and the candidate must provide clear, well-organized verbal support for the stance. This section will last approximately 20 minutes with 30 minutes to prepare (reading and organizing your response).

Scoring and overall time

The DELF B2 exam will take a candidate two and a half hours to do. That will feel like a very long time since it’s not in your native tongue. Each section of the exam has an equal value of 25 points with 100 points being the total. To pass, an exam candidate must score at least 50 points overall with no less than 5 points for a section.

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