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Do you want to learn German online but don’t know where to start? This guide is tailor-made for you! Read on to find tons of helpful language resources and tips on studying German online fast and free, including:

  • Reasons to start learning German online;
  • Free and affordable online resources for learning German online;
  • GlobalExam and its online German courses;
  • How Global General can help you learn German online easily;
  • What makes Global General one of the best courses to learn German online;
  • Details on the Global General free trial and premium course.

If you’d like to learn how to boost your German language skills by studying online, then keep on reading to find out everything you need to know.

Let’s dive right in!

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Why Should You Choose to Study and Learn German Online?

There are many great reasons to learn German online — the benefits go on and on! Here are a few of the best advantages:

One of the most obvious benefits of learning German online is the convenience it brings students. Gone are the days when you had to schlep to the other side of town on a hot and crowded bus to get to your German language course — just switch on your phone, tablet, or laptop from the comfort of your own couch, or any location you like with an internet connection and learn German online.

Learn from the best teachers

Learning German online gives you access to language teachers you might otherwise have to fly across the globe to talk to. There are foreigners, including German native speakers, living in most big cities, but if you live in a smaller town, or there isn’t a language course with native teachers offered in your neighborhood, you may not have access to native speakers or qualified German teachers. Thankfully, the internet changes all that! With just a few clicks, you can find a language course designed and led by certified, native German teachers who will ensure that your German studies are on the right track. You can start learning German from the basics if you are a beginner or just try to improve your accent if you are already advanced.

Autonomy and Efficiency

A great reason to learn German online is the flexibility and autonomy it will provide you. Since you can log on and pick up your language course whenever you like, and however often you like, you’re not dependent on the progress of other students in a classroom to move forward. You also aren’t forced to adjust your German studies to the average level, pace, and learning methods of other students in the same course. If you’ve got lots of time to dedicate to learning a language, you can push ahead at a brisk pace without having to wait for anyone else; or, on the contrary, if you need a bit more time, you can even repeat previous lessons without holding other students and the teacher back!

More budget-friendly

Online German courses are often much more affordable than face-to-face ones. You can even find online language courses for free — if you’re just dipping your foot in the world of online German learning, this could be a good place to start. When you’re ready to fully commit to studying the language, you can find a premium German course that will give you everything a traditional classroom does plus more, at a better price. For example, our exam preparation course at GlobalExam is available for as low as $20 per month — you’ll have a hard time trying to find a comparable face-to-face German language course for that price!

Integrated multimedia

Learning German online is much easier when it’s enjoyable — and that’s what online German courses can do for you. Since they can easily include audio, images, videos, instant messaging, and question forums, online German language courses are often better designed to stimulate your interest and keep your motivation high. This multimedia can also sometimes be the best way to present a particular grammar concept or area of vocabulary, so an online German course will also make your German studies much more efficient. These are also great German learning resources for children as well!

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What Are the Best Online Resources to Learn German?

Once you decide you’d like to learn German online, it’s time to choose how. And there’s certainly lots of choice! Here are some free or affordable online language resources you can start with.


YouTube is one of the first places people look to learn German online. And they’re right — just type in “learn German”, “German grammar”, “German language course”, or similar keywords and hundreds upon hundreds of German language videos will spill across the page, from vocabulary lessons and grammar practice to German ebooks and podcasts.


If you like to learn German in an auditory way, podcasts are another easy way to learn German online. Just head to Soundcloud, iTunes, or Apple Podcasts and type in the same keywords as on YouTube, or search for something more specific. You can find podcasts done all in German, or ones that teach through your native language.


Games can also be a great complement to your German language studies, and there’s a myriad of them to be found online! You can check out websites such as, or even order a video game in German!

eBooks and Audiobooks

Language-loving bookworms will be pleased to hear that you can easily use books and audiobooks to learn German online as well! Many websites such as The Fable Cottage allow you to both read and listen to a story in clear, slow German. Alternatively, you can search for a German book on Audible or Kindle.

German Language Courses

Each one of the online language learning methods mentioned above has its merits, but nothing beats the quality, convenience, and efficiency of an engaging language program such as Global General. Read on to find out the many advantages of studying German through our Global General online program!

However, if you like to travel you can take local German courses in Germany and if you prefer more traditional means of learning  you can take a look at our article on the 7 best places to learn German in Germany and Switzerland.

What Is GlobalExam and Its Global General Program?

Global-exam is a leading e-learning platform that helps students around the world prepare for 27 different types of language exams in 5 different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin Chinese.

The GlobalExam web platform is 100% dedicated to online language exam preparation to ensure student success in their German certificate, whether they need proficiency in the language for study abroad programs, visa applications, or work opportunities. Our method provides practice with real test conditions in order to progress quickly. There are already over 30,000 questions made by language exam professionals, including detailed corrections in your native language, and more practice questions are added every day.

But language learning doesn’t start and end with exams — and that’s why we have created our Global General program. This immersive approach helps students build their confidence for everyday, general communication in a foreign language while still preserving the convenience of a flexible online course and the efficiency of a goal-oriented approach.

What Will You Learn With Global General And Who Is It Designed For?

Global General is an interactive online language course, designed especially for beginners and intermediate level students. You can use it to learn any of five languages — English, Spanish, Italian, French, and of course German. The course levels correspond to the CEFR standards: you can start with the basics with our courses for total beginners (A1) or beginners (A2), or push yourself to the next level with our courses for intermediate (B1) and upper-intermediate (B2) students. You can even compare German to French or any other language and assess your level correspondingly.

All of these programs include activities that simulate daily life situations so you can practice using the language the way it’s meant to be used — outside of the classroom.

A Detailed Look At What Our Courses Look Like

At the beginning of each course lesson, you will be introduced to five new pieces of vocabulary and one grammar concept. You will have the chance to warm up and start activating your memory with our flashcards, then immerse yourself in the language through practice exercises and a real-life scenario simulation, in either audio or written form. Next, you’ll put your new knowledge and skills to the test with 2 oral comprehension questions, 4 vocabulary questions, and 4 grammar questions. Check your results and the detailed correction in your native language for each of the questions to see if there is anything you need to review.

Global General helps you turn your weaknesses into strengths: You can always re-try the real-life simulations however many times you want, until you are confident in your ability to handle that situation in German.

In addition, each lesson also has a “Did you know” section to help you go the extra mile in your learning and deepen your knowledge of the German language and culture.

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Global General : The Best Way to Learn German Online

Do you wonder how long does it take to learn German? Rest assured, Global General is the fastest way to do it. Keeping with our goal-oriented philosophy, our Global General language courses are all designed with real-world communication in mind. What’s the point of being able to list all the irregular verbs if you can’t put them into sentences to buy some stamps or chat with a fellow traveler on the bus? That’s why each and every lesson in Global General is structured around a real-life situation that you can practice however many times you like until you feel totally confident. With each simulation, you’ll receive personalized comments from our language teachers to get a better understanding of how to move forward in your German studies.

You can then validate your acquired language skills to make sure you’ve fully understood and absorbed each and every concept in the lesson, and pass through checkpoints after every 5 situations to review the previous lessons and make sure you’re building on your previously acquired knowledge rather than replacing it.

Forward thinking and innovative, Global General offers language learners an exceptional user experience that will do everything possible to support and boost your language studies. Here are the top reasons to love our Global General language course:

Just the right amount of content

You don’t need 2000 hours of content, and you also don’t want to waste your time looking for your next language course every two weeks. Count on us to build a course with just what you need, nothing more, nothing less!

An effective learning environment

Ninety-three percent of communication is non-verbal. We have used this principle to design a colorful and lively language-learning environment to engage and motivate you day after day.

Study anywhere, anyplace

At the office, in public transportation, or at home whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or computer… We provide the same attention and care to your language-learning experience, whatever your preferences may be.

Should You Learn German With the Free Trial Version or the Paid Version?

Global General can help you start learning German online for free, but we also offer a premium option with many additional benefits. Here is an overview of the two options:

The Free Trial

You can learn German online for free with Global General’s free trial option, providing you a taste of what our full language program will feel like. Try out a few lessons and familiarize yourself with the course format and language-teaching methodology to make sure that our program is the best way for you to learn German online.

The Paid Membership

Once you’re ready to commit to learning German online, you can switch to our paid membership to unlock unlimited access to all of our lessons, perks, and advanced features. The paid membership will give you full access to all our language courses and modules, with 500 real-life simulations, 5000 questions with detailed corrections, 150 hours of unique content, 500 audios, 3000 images and flashcards, and a team of 15 certified native speakers ready to give you feedback and accompany you every step of the way.

Learn Advanced German Online on the Global General Platform

There are lots of ways to learn German online, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. At GlobalExam, we work hard to combine the best of every possible language resource in order to give you a complete, well-rounded experience that can let you learn German online fast and easily. Our goal-oriented approach ensures students are well prepared to apply their new German language skills to navigate any situation in the real world. Feedback from our expert language teachers will keep you on the right track and regular review and validation of the concepts learned will help you stay on top of what you’ve already learned and what the next steps are. Our platform is conveniently available online so you can study German anywhere you like, whether it’s on your phone on public transport, with your tablet by the pool, or at your computer on the couch.

Are you ready to jump-start your German-learning journey? Sign up for a free trial today and discover the best way to learn German online with Global General!