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DELF is the French language exam for non-native speakers of the French language. It is an official exam from the French Ministry of Education and recognised around the World. The levels range from A1-B2 on the CEFR and test all four language skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. There are many approved exam centres in France and other countries around the world. Check out the CIEP website for more information. Changes concerning the DELF are to come.

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In the category Introduction to the DELF exam, we have gathered all the practical information you need for your test preparation.

What is the price of the DELF exam?

The cost of the exam can depend on the level. Overseas, the cost of registering for the exam is set by the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs (SCAC) of the French embassy and the national commission. In France, it is set by local education offices.

Here are example costs if you take the exam at an approved centre in Rome, Italy.

DELF A160 euros
DELF A265 euros
DELF B1105 euros
DELF B2135 euros

Here are two examples from approved centres in France.

We tell you the DELF price in France.

It is best to look at different places near you or within easy travel distance from your location. As you can see from the tables above, the prices can vary dramatically. Factor in the cost of travel and see if it works out cheaper over all, and of course travel time.

What’s the difference in price compared to TCF?

Well, this exam is for different purposes. You can take the TCF that is available to everyone and TCF Quebec or TCF Canada if you need it for visa and residency purposes. The cost ranges from 150-250 euros. The TCF Canada and Quebec exams range from 120-210 euros. There are also other differences between the DELF and the TCF.

Are there any other fees associated with DELF?

There might be fees to have the certificate attested but this depends on the centre you are taking the exam at. It might be included in the price already. It is best to check when you register for the test. 

There are general costs to studying for an exam, with the main one being the cost of study materials. This should be budgeted for. Good quality and reliable study resources aren’t too expensive but if you buy many books they can add up. Transport to and from the test centre should also be thought about but this will depend on how far you live from it. 

Where can I get good resources online?

Look no further than where you currently are! GlobalExam has everything you need to study for your DELF exam. Our whole purpose is to help language learners study for exams and achieve the scores they desire. We have some free content and more premium access available to you. All our materials have been created by experts in the chosen language field. We are also fully online so you can access resources anytime of the day on any device. How cool is that! Just what you need to fit studying into your busy life.

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