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DELF is an official French language test issued by the French Ministry of Education. DELF Prim is the first level in a series of exams testing people’s French-language abilities. There are 3 levels to this exam and they are marked against the CEFR at A1 and A2 levels. They are elementary level exams. The tests are aimed at young learners who are at beginner level and learning French as a foreign language. Individual certificates are awarded for each level. Like the DELF tests, DELF Prim tests all four skill areas – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

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What is in the DELF Prim test?

The DELF Prim exam at A1 level is scored out of 100. Each skill area has a weighting of 25 marks. The minimum pass mark for the whole exam is 50/100 and the minimum score for each part is 5/25. Each section of the test is allocated a different time duration.

Let’s take a look.

Answer comprehension questions on 4-5 different texts.In 2 parts - fill in a form and write simple sentences e.g. postcards on everyday topics.Answer comprehension questions on 3-4 short audio clips. You listen to each one twice.In 3 parts - guided interview, asking for and giving information, and stimulated dialogue.
30 minutes>30 minutesApp. 20 mins5-7 mins with 10 mins prep.


What are the differences between DELF Prim and  DELF?

They are both designed on a similar model for testing. The main difference is the content. As DELF Prim is targeted at children, the content is more age appropriate. DELF exams are also leveled from A1-B2, where DELF Prim are only A1-A2 level. As DELF Prim are young learner exams they would only be focused on achieving an elementary level of French ability. It is the language level most appropriate for the 7-12 years age group. If students are beginner adults then they would take the regular DELF A1 exams.

The price of the DELF varies according to the level you choose to take.

Which exam is best for me – DELF Prim or DELF?

This really comes down to how old the candidate is. DELF Prim are young learners exams. They aren’t designed for adults even though the language level is the same. If your child or student is already above A1 level they another DELF exam should be considered. You can always stay up-to-date with the testand check the Changes about the DELF Exam
You can also compare the DELF to the TCF in case you might be confused.

Where can I get study materials for DELF Prim and DELF exams?

Once you have decided on the exam you want to take and the level, it’s time to knuckle down and study. “Where to start?” I hear you say….well…..come and join us! GlobalExam built a study platform to help you. We have study support for a range of exams and levels. It’s worth dropping by our website and taking a look for yourself. Why not open a free account and try some activities. You can also study for other DELF versions such as DELF Junior, DELF Scolaire, and DELF Tout Public!

Good Luck!