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DELF Junior : What is it?

The DELF, Diplôme d’Etude en Langue Française, issued by the French Ministry of National Education, is available in several different versions, each one available for different levels of proficiency and depending on the age and level of the candidate. These certificates are recognised worldwide as proof of your language ability.

This includes the DELF Junior, which is issued by DELF exam centres in France and abroad. This article will explain towards whom the DELF Junior is targeted, and how it differs from the DELF Tout Public.

The DELF Junior exams test abilities in the CEFR levels A1, A2, B1, and B2 and four skill areas are tested. They are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. DELF Junior is the next age level above DELF Prim

Note: there are changes to come on the DELF in 2020.

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In the category Introduction to the DELF exam, we have gathered all the practical information you need for your test preparation.

Who does it target ?

Secondary school students who are not necessarily still at school !

The DELF Scolaire is administered by secondary schools for students still at school.

The DELF Prim is especially adapted for children and is taken by primary school pupils.

It is possible to register for the DELF Junior until the age of 20, in general. However, the maximum age depends on the maximum age for school enrolment, which differs from one country to another. You can find out more information by asking an exam centre in the country in which you wish to take the test.

Duration of validity

Unlimited validity !

The diploma stays valid indefinitely, even once the candidate is no longer a teenager.

Which level ?

Like the other versions of the DELF, the DELF Junior corresponds to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels.

This particular French language diploma comes in four levels: A1, A2, B1, B2. To obtain a higher level diploma (C1 or C2), candidates should sit the DALF exam, Diplôme Avancé de Langue Française.

How does it differ from the DELF Tout Public ?

True-False statements to explain everything!

“The DELF Junior is adapted to young people” –TRUE

The DELF Junior differs in the themes covered, which have been adjusted to suit the interests of young people/teenagers.

“The diploma issued is not the same” – FALSE

You will be issued the same diploma if you pass the DELF Junior as you would if you passed the DELF Tout Public (Source: CIEP). In fact, the word “Junior” does not appear on the diploma. Thus, it is impossible to distinguish between a DELF Junior certificate and a DELF Tout Public one. Only the level and the marks of the candidate appear on the diploma.

“The DELF Junior is easier than the DELF Tout Public” – FALSE

The DELF Junior, which is valid for an unlimited time period, has the same level of difficulty as the DELF Tout Public and gives the same benefits. Young people will thus have every interest in taking the DELF Junior rather than the DELF Tout Public, because this test will be a better fit, as it contains themes closer to their interests.

“The DELF Junior has the same format as the DELF Tout Public” – TRUE

The DELF Junior is structured in the same way as the DELF Tout Public. Both exams allow the candidate to assess four communication competencies: written and oral comprehension, and written and oral production.

“The DELF Junior and the DELF Tout Public are complementary qualifications” – FALSE

The DELF exists in several versions in order to suit different target audiences. However, it is not necessary to take several versions of the same exam. A single one is enough to certify your level of French.

The exams are independent of each other, and the candidate can register directly to whichever one they want. There is no need to register for different versions at the same time.

Notes to remember

  • The DELF Junior is structured in the same way as the DELF Tout Public but contains themes adapted to a young secondary school-age audience (12-19 years).
  • This French language diploma is just as difficult and valuable as the Tout Public version.
  • It is valid indefinitely.
  • The price of the DELF varies per level.

How do I start studying for DELF Junior?

You can Google best resources for DELF Junior or visit a bookshop that sells study books. Just make sure the book works for you. Some are easier to work through than others, this is down to formatting and if you can follow the content easier. Another option is to come and visit us online at GlobalExam. Our platform has all the resources you need to study for any of the DELF exams. We cover exam skills, full tests, grammar and vocabulary, and you can track your progress throughout your time with use. We are here to help you succeed! Give us a try!

You should also know that the DELF and TCF are different and that one test may be more suitable for you than another.