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What’s new in the DELF exam in 2020?

The DELF exam is being updated! These changes will start to come into effect in 2020.  The planned changes include removing open-ended questions from the test, adding more multiple-choice questions, and the number of activities will change. The duration of the exam will also be adjusted.

These changes are very positive. It means that there will be less discrepancies in the marking of open-ended questions for examiners. Multiple choice questions are also easier for people to practice and answer.

Read on to find out about the changes and prepare for the DEFL with GlobalExam!

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In the category Introduction to the DELF exam, we have gathered all the practical information you need for your test preparation.

GlobalExam is changing too!

GlobalExam is also updating! In line with the changes coming to the DELF exam in 2020, we are updating all our exams and practice materials to reflect those changes. Our materials will be the same as the real thing. We won’t let you down!

Why GlobalExam is the best choice

Studying for the DELF exam requires dedication to practicing exam skills and continuing to learn French. GlobalExam can help you with that. Our online programme has an array of materials that can support your studies. Studying with us means you will have access to activities that include practice exam skills, language activities, full tests, and you can track your progress throughout the whole learning experience. You can also read our blog to help you too.

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