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From HSK 1 to HSK 6

HSK 1 is the first step to climb to obtain a sufficient level and give a proof of your ability to speak and understand Chinese. The HSK Exam includes two sections: oral understanding and reading comprehension. Come, prepare the HSK 1 efficiently with Global Exam HSK online training – The Best way to start the ascension to the HSK 6 !

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HSK 1 – Score

You will have to obtain at least 120 points out of 200 to get the HSK 1 certification. Moreover, target higher score, way above 120 points, will be relevant if the HSK 1 is for you only a step to further certificates. Get a high score will give you confidence for next exams.

HSK 1 – Required Skills

Level Supposed duration of Chinese studies Required skills Required amount of characters International equivalence
1 2h to 3h / week

– 1 semester

Comprehension and use of words in easy sentences. Basic capacity to communicate. 150 A1

Required knowledge for the HSK level 1 are the same as the ones required for all levels. It means that your skills in Chinese will improve in the same time than you will climb each step of the HSK. For HSK 1, understanding and good usage of basic words and sentences are needed. A simple capacity to communicate in Chinese will be necessary.

Still, easily speak and understand Chinese will not be enough to get the best score at HSK Exam. A specific preparation, in real condition, will be a plus to not be surprised and tricked the day of the exam. It will also enable you to be more confident for this first test. Global Exam offers the best online training for the HSK test.

HSK 1 – Preparation

The HSK level 1 includes 2 sections

The two sections of the HSK Exam level 1 are about equal importance. Both have 4 exercises and 20 questions in total. The exam lasts 35 minutes and the 2 sections are divided into the same time.

A specific preparation for each section of the HSK can be useful. However, a practice into real condition, with the HSK mock exams of Global Exam, will probably be more efficient. It is the best way to be fully prepared to the sequence of the two HSK sections and to stay focused during the whole exam.

Content Listening comprehension Reading comprehension Total
Number of exercises 4 4 8
Number of questions 20 20 40
Duration (min) 15 17 35*
Points 100 100 200
*: 3 min are given after the exercises of the listening comprehension to write down your answers on the exam sheet.