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Online formation for HSK 2

HSK 2 is the second step on your way to get the highest professional certification of Chinese language. The level 2 of HSK evaluate your skills and your knowledge of Chinese everyday conversation. Global Exam HSK Online formation can assist you to get the best score.

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HSK 2 – Score

The score to obtain to get your HSK 2 certificate is at least 120 out of 200 points.

HSK 2 – Required Skills

Level Supposed duration of Chinese studies Required skills Required vocabulary International equivalence
2 2h to 3h / week –

2 semesters

Capacity to communicate on common or daily topics at an elementary level. 300 A2

Candidates who pass the HSK 2 Exam have excellent knowledge of basic Chinese and can have a simple chat with a native Chinese. The HSK level 2 will prove of your ability to have simple discussion and to get any kind of information in the daily life.

The HSK level 2 can be obtained with 300 words and simple grammar rules. Thus, it would be a mistake to think that only a good ability to speak Chinese will be enough to meet the success at HSK 2. As any level of the HSK, the level 2 require a specific preparation. The difficulty of the HSK Exam is as well in linguistic knowledge as in focus, time management and tricks.

To prepare in real condition will then help you to make this step a piece of cake. Global Exam HSK online formation will be your best tools to optimize this preparation, with mock exams and sample test.

In general, The HSK level 2 is intended for students who have studied Chinese for about one academic year (2 semesters) with 2 to 3 hours a week.

HSK 2 – Preparation

The HSK level 2 is split into 2 sections:

The test lasts 55 minutes. The number of questions is 60.

Global Exam will lead you to be prepared for each specific section of the Exam. More important, through its HSK online formation, Global Exam will prepare you to better manage the sequence of sections and not being trapped the day of the exam. You will increase your confidence and your knowledge of every details of the exam. For the same level of Chinese understanding, it will make the difference between a candidate passing HSK 2 or not.

Content Listening comprehension Reading comprehension Total
Number of exercises 4 4 8
Number of questions 35 25 60
Duration (min) 25 22 50*
Points 100 100 200
*: 3 min are given after the exercises of the listening comprehension to write down your answers on the answer sheet.