Interview of Charles-Eliott Debourdeau, Global-Exam’s founder on TV5 Monde

Global-Exam on TV5 Monde !

As part of the 32nd edition of the Expo-langues exhibition, which took place in Paris from the 5th to the 8th of February 2014, the programme “7 days on the planet” by TV5 Monde has  filmed a special report about the enthusiasm for the Chinese language.

The report focused on the booming numbers of students learning Chinese, considered to be a valuable asset on the labour market. Charles-Eliott Debourdeau, Global-Exam’s founder, was interviewed to explain why his online training platform allows its users to develop their skills.

The HSK, a golden ticket for employment!

Global-Exam is the leader of preparation programmes for the HSK, the official test of Mandarin. This test, which was created in 1984 and modified in 2009, is developing very quickly — an estimated 1 million people have taken the HSK every year these past few years. It has become the international standard to measure the level of non-native Mandarin speakers. It is therefore regarded as a good reference for employers. Indeed, more and more employers ask for a specific HSK level, instead of the classic and subjective CV statements (“notions”, “good level of Chinese, both written and spoken”, etc.)

As a reminder, when taking the HSK, you need to register for a level between 1 (the easiest) and 6 (the hardest). If you get the required average mark for the level you registered for, you obtain a certificate. This certificate proves that you have an actual qualification in Mandarin, compared to other candidates for a particular position.

More and more students have understood that in order to stand out from other Chinese speakers, taking the HSK is important and even necessary. Global-Exam has developed its platform to allow these students to do very well on the Mandarin test, thanks to effective online preparation.


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Here, for another interniew of a HSK 5 Global Player. Discover his experience and attachement to the plateform.

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