TOEFL ® Preparation – Strategies

Preparation TOEFL : Strategies

Strategy #1 : Get to know everything about the exam

You must understand the TOEFL test structure, analyse it so as to adapt your TOEFL preparation. In our notes, you will find all the information you need to succeed, exercise by exercise, so do not panic! Even if we cannot give you the answers to the questions you will be asked on D-Day (not that we do not want to, but simply because we do not know them ahead of time!), we will provide you with key elements to grasp the test before you even take it.

Learn the instructions about the TOEFL exercises and how they are combined. Then, train on the largest online database of TOEFL exercises and TOEFL preparation material on real conditions until it becomes second nature. You will become quicker and more confident, and you will save your energy for what is really essential: answering questions well.

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Strategy #2 : Set yourself the right goals

The TOEFL Test is an exam, so you “just” need to reach the score needed to “pass” it. This score can be set by the institution asking you to take the exam – such as a university requesting that you obtain at least 100 on the TOEFL. If not, you should set yourself an ambitious but reachable goal: this will motivate you to work productively while training.

But how can you actually assess the workload necessary to pass the TOEFL? Our teaching team advises you to follow a simple method. First, self-evaluate your current level, then measure the gap between your current score and the one you want to reach. This gap will give you an initial idea of how much work you should do. Lastly, think about how long it will take you to obtain the marks you need to pass the TOEFL. To do that, figure out which exercises will best allow you to easily increase your score. You can either choose exercises where you can improve a lot because your level is currently quite low, or exercises which you are already good at and where you could easily get even better.

Be careful though: some institutions requiring the TOEFL demand minimal scores, either in all sections or in a specific one (often the ‘speaking’ section). Your strategy should obviously take this into account.

Strategy #3 : Stick to an efficient methodology

This last tip is crucial to optimise your training phase: make sure you set up an efficient, well-defined work methodology. A good preparation methodology consists of at least two things: establishing a specific schedule and finding the right studying materials for your TOEFL preparation.

The schedule you will define should be ambitious but realistic. Most importantly, it will enable you to set a roadmap that you will have to stick to during all your TOEFL preparation.

Finding the right studying materials is crucial. There are several ways to maximise your revision time — private classes, books, online training — but their quality varies greatly. Choosing Global-Exam in addition to another preparation support will enable you to train online on a tailored platform to improve your score. It has a professionally designed content, a huge database of exercises, an interface to practise in real conditions and many more tools to help you get better: ebook, corrections, customised dashboard, forum…

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