TOEFL score: how to evaluate your score

TOEFL score: how to evaluate your score ?

What does TOEFL test consist of?

Before discussing about the TOEFL score, we need to understand how TOEFL test is composed of. TOEFL test consists of four sections to examine test takers combined language skills: TOEFL reading, TOEFL listening, TOEFL speakingandTOEFL writing. The whole test is 4-hour long with a total score of 120 points consistently allocated to each section, i.e. each section accounts for 30 points and they are all taken on the same day. The reading section is composed of 3 to 5 exercises of approximately 700 words. It includes 12 to 14 questions per exercise to answer and lasts from 60 to 100 minutes.TOEFL test uses reading passages from university-level textbooks that usually cover a variety of different topics addressing common themes in the academic world ranging from science, history to social sciences, art, etc. The purpose is to measure how well test takers – particularly students – can read academic materials. Preparation is the key to obtain a good score !

The TOEFL listening section is composed of 2 to 3 conversations, each of which is about 3 minutes long with 5 to 6 questions, and 4 to 6 lectures, each of which is about 500 to 800 words with 6 questions. The listening section usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes and always follows the sequence of a conversation in an academic setting, a lecture with student interrupting and then a lecture with no interruption. Conversations address common themes of academic life, mainly associating a student and a professor, a librarian or a university staff member and lectures are discussing about academic topics taught at university like science, history, social sciences, art or theaters.

The TOEFL speaking section is approximately 20 minutes long and includes 6 tasks. The first two tasks are independent speaking tasks asking test takers to draw their own ideas, opinions and experiences on daily life topics. The remaining four tasks are integrated type where test takers must use both listening and reading skills as well as note taking to respond. The writing section is split into 2 different types of exercises, first one is to ask test takers to compare and contrast the point of view expressed by the professor in the listening with those expressed by an author in the assigned reading material and write about the ways the information they heard relates to the information they read. The second one is independent writing requiring test taker to express an opinion and support it based on their own knowledge and experience. It usually lasts 50 minutes to complete wring section.

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How is TOEFL score rated?

Four different skill sections have different focus. In TOEFL speaking section, responses from each test taker is rated based on the delivery, language use and topic development. When scoring, TOEFL score raters will listen for specific features in test taker’s response such as how clear and fluid the speech was, how the pronunciation and natural pacing is, how naturally the intonation sounds, how effectively the test taker uses grammar and vocabulary to convey ideas. It is also evaluated if the test taker is able to use basic and more complex language structures, how fully and coherently the test taker answered the questions and presents his or her ideas and how well the test taker can summarize and synthesize information in integrated tasks.

In TOEFL writing section, the response to the integrated writing task is scored on the quality of the writing, considering factors could be if it is well organized, if test takers can appropriately and precisely use grammar and vocabulary and if the content is complete and accurate. While the independent writing essay is scored on the overall quality: development, organization, and appropriate and precise use of grammar and vocabulary.

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How to ensure the quality of TOEFL score?

ETS searches actively scorers for the TOEFL test. TOEFL test raters have to be trained extensively and pass a certification before being qualified for TOEFL score. They are also calibrated on a daily basis including task familiarization, guidance on scoring the task and practice on a range of response. TOEFL ETS scoring leaders will continuously monitor rater for the purpose of accuracy of TOEFL score and check on their performance when raters score a new test question, and keep the pool of raters diversified enough instead of raters exclusive to attend to certain country of origin.  In addition, TOEFL raters score tests through a centralized scoring network carefully controlled from a secure central location rather than test sites and apply consistent scoring standards to ensure the security and integrity of TOEFLscore. Furthermore, the whole scoring process to each test taker’s speaking and writing scores is carried out by multiple raters without revealing their identity for objective and unbiased purpose.

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