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TOEFL iBT changes in 2019

There are many changes coming to TOEFL IBT and they start from 1st August 2019. The changes are due to a decline in test takers and an acknowledgement that it’s too difficult. Nevertheless, the test will still be valid for two years.

The solution – shorten the test and give candidates more time to complete it!

NB: no information is given about changes on the TOEFL Junior.

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What’s new?

Here are the changes for each section:

  • Reading – It will still have 3-4- passages to read but now only 10 questions. They types of questions haven’t changed. You will now have 54-72 minutes to complete it. You have more time for each question in this paper.
  • Listening – It will now only have 3-4 lectures to listen to, with 6 questions for each; the number of conversations is still 2-3, with 5 questions for each. The number of questions and question types haven’t changed. You have slightly less time between 41-57 minutes, however, you have less lectures to listen to.
  • Speaking – old tasks 1 and 5 have been removed from the test. The speaking test is now only 4 tasks long. This time has also been reduced slightly to 17 minutes.
  • Writing – there are no major changes to the writing papers.

Take a look at the official TOEFL IBT website for more details and examples of changes to questions.

GlobalExam will change too!

The team at GlobalExam are working hard on updating all the exam content too! We want our exam and practice materials to look like the real thing. So when exams change, we update too!

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