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Where to take the Cambridge FCE/B2 First exam in Bamberg

Unfortunately, there is no exam centre located in Bamberg itself. However, there are a few authorised Cambridge exam centres in Germany and in Bavaria, Germany. If you are located in Bamberg, and you are willing to travel, the following are a few options to consider when taking the Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE) (recently renamed Cambridge: B2 First).

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In Munich there is the Cambridge Institut Platinum Centre at Residenzstrasse 22, München. Platinum centres offer a very high level of customer service and exam delivery, and have received recognition for this from Cambridge English Assessment. Cambridge Institut offers exam dates in June, August and December and this is generally the paper-based exam, although the computer-based exam may be available for some exam sessions. The speaking tests generally take place over two days within three days of the exam.
Also in Munich is Münchner Volkshochschule at Kellerstrasse 6 which offers FCE exam dates twice a year, including the September session. Although note that the exam itself may take place at another location. Registration is seven weeks in advance and the fee will not be refunded if you choose to withdraw after registering.



Nuremberg may be the shortest distance from Bamberg at only 40 minutes by train, but the only centre offering FCE is Bildungszentrum Stadt Nuernberg, on Gewerbemuseumsplatz 1. There is just one exam date in June so it may be worth exploring other options.


Although it is a long distance, it is possible to get from Bamberg to Ausberg in just over two hours by taking the ICE (Inter-City Express) 1701. VHS – Augsburg Prüfungszentrum offers exams in June and December and these conveniently take place on Saturday. Both the written and speaking exams are organised to take place on the same day at their centre at Willy-Brandt-Platz 3a, which is 20 minutes from the train station.


It also possible to get to Amberg in just under two hours by train from Bamberg and the test venue is just 10 minutes walking from Amberg train station.
Test Centre Amberg offers a range of exams including FCE from their location at Fronfestgasse 11. They offer exam sessions in May, July and October and the computer-based exam is available on request, for an additional fee of €15.

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At B2 you are required to show a clear understanding of and a demonstrable ability to use most of the key components of English. This includes modal verbs such as must, may, could, should, ought to, and others. You also need to be able to use them in different present and past tenses. If you have any doubts or weak areas related to modal verbs, GlobalExam has study sheets and practice exercises to help you master them. This will help you to gain a better score in all of the exam papers, from Reading and Use of English, to Speaking.