In this article, we will go through the basics of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam in Belgium step-by-step:

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IELTS Brussels: Where Is the Official Test Center Situated?

There is only one IELTS test center in Belgium.

Test Center
Accepted Tests
British Council Belgium•General
108 Rue du Trône/Troonstraat, Brussels, BelgiumP: 1050
Email: [email protected]

Some Key Points to Note About Taking the IELTS in Brussels

The speaking part of the exam is either done the day before or the same day as the writing exam. Make sure you are available for two days just in case.

If you cannot do one part you should book another date. You will not know the location until about fourteen days before the exam. The listening test uses speakers and not headphones.

How Can You Get to the Test Center Venue?

About two weeks before the test date you will receive an email with details of the exact venue. Brussels has a good public transport system that will make getting around the city and to the venue easy. You just need to plan your route carefully and leave a little extra time in case of any delay.

You have the option of taking a bus, metro, waterbus, or tram around the city. You can buy a ticket as you enter (bus) or from a kiosk or machine. A single ticket costs 2.50 euros and lasts for 1 hour.

The metro runs every 3-10 minutes depending on the time of day and is very easy to use. There are four lines that cover the city. It is easy to find a map online or download an app to help you.

Day passes are also available and they might work out cheaper depending on where you are based and where you need to go. Trams are generally a little slower so might not be your first option unless the times work out best for you. It is worth doing a little research before the exam day to lower the test day stress.

brussels atomium

How Much Does It Cost to Take the IELTS Test in Brussels?

In order to pass the IELTS exams in Brussels, you will need to pay a fee that varies depending on which exam you are registering for. Here are the prices:

  • General Training: 243€
  • Academic: 243€
  • UKVI: 263€
  • Life Skills: 165€

What Are the Payment Methods?

There are two ways to pay for the IELTS Brussels, which you will need to do right after booking your test.

  1. Online payment with your credit card.
  2. A bank transfer to:

Bank: Citibank
IBAN: BE04 5706 2570 5531,
In the Reference section of your payment please write: [IELTS / family name / city / test date].

What Happens During the Test Day? Useful Tips and Information

After spending weeks preparing for the IELTS language test, it’s normal to feel stressed on the test day. That’s why it’s important to provide for yourself anything that will help the day go smoothly. So, we have put together some information to help you understand what to expect exactly on that day, what to do, and what to not do.

First, Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before, wake up a little early, and arrive at your test center at a reasonable time for your IELTS test. You may not be allowed to pass the test if you arrive late. Keep in mind that you will receive an email of the test time three days before the day of the exam.

It’s important to eat and drink beforehand to be able to concentrate fully on the questions, especially that you will not be allowed to take any food into the test room. Only a transparent bottle of water.

What Do You Need to Bring With You Into the Test Room?

During the test day, you will be obliged to bring:

  • Your ID/identification document.
  • A pen.
  • A pencil, which you will need for Reading and Listening tests.
  • An eraser.
  • Water in a transparent bottle.

Nothing else will be allowed into the test room, even your cell phone that will have to be switched off and placed outside.

brussels buildings

What Are the Best Ways to Prepare for the IELTS Exam?

To guarantee a great score on your IELTS test, it’s a must that you start preparing for it weeks before the test date, especially when english is a foreign language. And yes, it’s a bit too much and hard to distinguish from where to start and what to focus on first. That’s why we collected the best tips to help you prepare for your test perfectly and get an advanced English level.

  • Take a practice test to identify your weakness and start from there.
  • Understand the IELTS test format to familiarize yourself and know exactly what to expect.
  • Be aware of the exam time to double your chances to complete the exam successfully.
  • Don’t focus only on IELTS strategies, you should work on improving your overall English skills as well.
  • It’s easy to zone out when listening to a conversation, which can be a disaster during the exam. So, train yourself on multitasking when listening to a conversation in English.
  • Develop a wide range of reading skills to become accustomed to each type.
  • Practice your speaking skills constantly.
  • Immerse yourself in English and be exposed to the language as much as you possibly can before the test date.

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