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Where do you live? Do you know where the nearest IELTS test center is to you? Relax, we have looked at IELTS test centers in a number of different countries and cities and written about the info in easy to read and understand blogs for you.

In our blogs, we give you the details on how to find an official, registered test center. By the way, never, ever use an unofficial or unregistered test center! 

We also let you know about different versions of IELTS (academic and general) and talk about checking with a test center, regarding the different versions. We have phone numbers and addresses and test center websites for you, so you don’t have to spend all day searching for the information yourself. We have laid out all the information that you need to find a test center near you in one section. We tell you about other things too such as what to bring on your test day, and when you can expect to receive your results. Along the way, we provide some helpful preparation tips and test-taking strategies, too.

Find your city or country in our blogs, click on it and read. Then you’ll know how to find a test center near you. It’ll be easy with our blogs.