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You have finally decided to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and are now looking for a test center? You are in the right place!

In this article, we are going to take you through:

  • The centers in the city;
  • The center nearby Newark and New Jersey;
  • The information of the test venue in Newark;
  • Their registration methods;
  • Their exam fee;
  • Their exam dates;
  • Some tips and tricks to ace your test;
  • How GlobalExam can help you prepare.

Ready to learn everything you need to know about the IELTS exam? Keep reading!

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IELTS Newark: Are There Any Test Centers in The City?

There is one accredited test center where you can take your IELTS exam in Newark. Note that you have to travel to the test center to take the test in-person. Find the information below:

Test Center
Accepted Tests
Newark, NJ, United States of America570 Broad Street, Suite 1003, 07102IELTS (computer-based).Tel: +1 862 243 9500
Email: [email protected]

Official IELTS Test Venues Nearby Newark and New Jersey

The closest location from Neward and New Jersey where you can take your IELTS exam is in New York. There are six official test venues. Below you will find their names, addresses, contact information as well the accepted IELTS tests.

Test Center
Accepted Tests

Oxford International Manhattanville College2900 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY, 10577IELTS (paper-based)Email: [email protected]
ILSC New York, Pace University26 Broadway, Suite 1101 (Venue: 1 Pace Plaza), 10038IELTS (paper-based)Tel: 313 870 8936
Email: [email protected]
Oxford International Manhattan226 West 37th Street 11th Floor, 10018IELTS (paper-based)Email: [email protected]
ILSC, New York (Manhattan Language)26 Broadway, Suite 1101, 10004IELTS (paper-based)Tel: +1 313 870 8936
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://ielts/
UX203 LSI New York26 Broadway, Suite 1101 (Venue: 40 Rector Street), 10038IELTS (paper-based)Tel: 313 870 8936
Email: [email protected]
ELS Language Centers Manhattan17 Battery Place, 9th Floor, 10004IELTS (paper-based)Tel: +1 212 431 7015
Email: [email protected]

Other Available Exam Centers in the United States

We made a list of other numerous cities for the IELTS USA where you can take the test:

What Are the Features of the IELTS Test Venue in Newark?

For security reasons, you will be provided with paper and a pencil by the test center, if you are taking the computer-based exam. The test center will also provide a computer and headphones for you.

You will also receive a paper for the Speaking part of the test so you can write all of your ideas down before speaking with the examiner.

For the paper-based exam, you can bring a pen, a pencil and an eraser.

Do remember to bring your own mask.

You must also bring:

  • your ID card or passport, you cannot take the test without it. If your passport sits at the Home Office, you need to ask them to return it for the exam day, otherwise you won’t be accepted in the test room.

We also advise you to bring:

  • a transparent water bottle. No food is allowed within the test room so try to eat something beforehand.

When will you receive your IELTS Test Results?

You will receive your test results 13 days after you passed the exam along with copies of your Test Report Form (TRF).

What Are the Registration Methods for the IELTS in Newark?

Online Registration

First and foremost you need to access the Official IELTS website. Afterwards, you need to fill in an online form with your identity and candidate details.

To prove your identity, you can use your passport, US Permanent Resident Card or US Employment Authorization Card if you are the one taking the test, or the ID documents of the future candidate if you are making the registration for someone else.

You will be asked to check the availability and select your test date. The date of the Speaking part is separated from the rest of the exam. Afterwards, you just have to create your account.

You will then receive a link for free access to the Road to IELTS Last Minute online preparation course.

Once registered, you have to pay the test fee. Once the payment has been made you will receive a confirmation email with your test dates.

The Speaking part of the test is scheduled on the same day as the other parts. Around a week before your exam date, you will receive another email from the center with details of the time and exact location of the Speaking test.

In-Person Registration

If you want to register in person, you will be required to download the official IELTS application form, fill it in, print it and submit it to your local center.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for the IELTS Exam in the US?

In Newark, you only have the option to take the computer-based exam. The fee for this test will be $250.

In New York, you only have the option to take the paper-based exam. Depending on the venue, the fee might vary between $250 and $255.

In the rest of the USA, depending on the state and location, you can expect a fee between $245 and $265.

What are the payment methods?

IELTS test takers can pay online by using their debit or credit card.

Can you cancel or postpone the IELTS in Newark?

To cancel your test date, you must download and complete a refund or postponement request form.

If you need to change the date originally reserved for your test, you can request a date rescheduling within five weeks of the test date, without incurring any additional costs.

The new test date must be within three months of the original date.

Can you get a refund if you cancel the exam?

If you cancel your IELTS test up to five weeks before the test day, the test fee will be refunded to you, after deduction of the administration fee. Note that it may take up to six weeks to process refunds.

If within five days of the date of the test you have the possibility to send a medical certificate confirming an illness on the day of the test, together with the reimbursement or postponement request form, the costs will be refunded to you, after deduction of the administration costs.

Only an original of the medical certificate will be accepted. If the center has not received the required documents within five working days after the date of the test, you will be listed as absent and will have to waive any claims. You will need to scan your certificates when you complete the refund request or deferral date.

If you benefit from a postponement to another date (either before the test or after due to an illness) and you are ill on the day of the second date of the test, you will not be entitled to any refund or any other postponement of date.

How Often Does the Test Venue in Newark Organise the Exam?

If you want to take the Academic IELTS test, you have 22 options of dates between July (from Friday to Sunday), August (from Saturday to Sunday) and September (from Saturday to Sunday) 2021 to choose from.

If you want to take the General Training IELTS test, you have 24 options of dates between July (from Friday to Sunday), August (from Saturday to Sunday) and September (from Saturday to Sunday) 2021 to choose from.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Prepare for the IELTS Easier

As part of a good IELTS training, there are 2 categories of training:

  • Active training, directly linked to exam preparation. It allows you to assimilate the essential notions of grammar, vocabulary and text comprehension to succeed on D-Day (courses with a teacher specializing in IELTS training, going on a language study trip abroad, practicing the British Council’s IELTS books, online IELTS training on GlobalExam).
  • Passive training, which allows you to progress more generally in English. It improves your overall understanding of the language and enriches your vocabulary while you relax, without doing IELTS-type exercises (videos from National Geographic, BBC podcast program, Anglo-Saxon music or series with English subtitles, Anglo-Saxon press, chat with English friends on the Verbling site).

A good preparation will allow you to achieve the desired results. There are many resources to help you prepare for the IELTS test: websites, books from the biggest universities such as Cambridge, online programs with mock exams, practice sheets and everything you need to know about the exam and the four sections: Written, Listening, Reading, Speaking.

How should you start preparing?

Before starting your test training, you must remember to pre-assess your language level and identify your weaknesses and strengths in order to best detect the exercises that will allow you to progress at best.

However, beyond the quality of the media you choose to use, your progress will be more or less rapid depending on your working method. Coupled with diligent, regular and intensive work on quality materials, you will easily obtain the IELTS score that you have set yourself as a goal!

Get a good rest the night before the test, it is important to arrive calm and focused on the day of the exam, even if the schedules are often early in the morning. Try to chat a bit with the other people who take the test with you, this will help you realize that you are not the only person stressed by this test.

It will also be an opportunity to share last minute tips.

GlobalExam Can Help You Achieve the IELTS Score You Dream Of

By choosing the online training of GlobalExam, you will :

  • be able to evaluate yourself in real conditions and find out your score with practice exams
  • be able to train, learn from your mistakes and improve quickly with our corrected exercises
  • have the opportunity to choose the course that suits your goal and stay motivated with our personalized trainings
  • be able to track your progress with our progress tracker.

You can take a full IELTS mock test, with no obligation, to give yourself an overview of our database of thousands of typical exercises. For each of the 4 tests of this English test (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing), you have access to free training.

What options does GlobalExam have for you?

Creating an account on GlobalExam will only take you 30 seconds!

The Free option gives you access to 4 type exercises and 250 revision sheets. Our free offer allows you to practice IELTS on GlobalExam, and see examples of IELTS sample questions or the structure of the test. In order to get access to the free version, all you have to do is register.

The Premium option gives you access to 8 mock exams, 2600 corrected questions, 84 hours of practice, 3 personalized trainings, 250 revision sheets and an access to statistics that you can experience on our website.

You have the choice for self-paced training with a one-week, one-month, three-month, or one-year online subscription. We recommend the three-month subscription, which is usually the most effective in preparing for the test.

Ready to ace your IELTS? Come train with us!