The IELTS test is one of the world’s most commonly recognized tests of English ability. It is administered more than 3 million times per year. It’s a great idea to include your score on your résumé to boost your job or school application process, and it’s even a necessity if you want to apply for certain study and work visas in certain English-language countries.

In this article, we’ll share with you an overview of the IELTS test and how to register for it, as well as where you can take the test in and near Seattle, and finally, we’ll give you our tips on how to best prepare for the IELTS test entirely online to get the best score.

Follow along and get everything you need to know about taking the IELTS in the Emerald City and much more. Let’s jump right in!

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What is the IELTS?

As you might guess from its name, the International English Language Test System is given internationally, designed and dispatched by the British Council. IELTS scores are recognized by more than 3,400 schools and organizations in the United States and remain a prerequisite if you plan on working or studying abroad in certain countries. The British Council accredits testing centers all over the country, including right here in Seattle!

The IELTS is produced in two versions: Academic or General Training. The Academic version – you guessed it! – focuses on academic subjects and is a requirement for higher education programs, while the General Training version focuses more on professional and everyday situations, and is required for those who intend to move to or work in a foreign country. Which version you take, naturally, depends on why you need to take the IELTS in the first place!


Start registering now!

Once you open an account with the British Council, click “Take an exam,” then “IELTS,” and choose the date and location in Seattle you wish to take the test. You’ll then see which version is offered on which date, depending on availability.

Both versions of the IELTS test include sections dedicated to the four basic language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. If desired, you can schedule the Speaking part separately from the others since it involves a personal interview.

You’ll see that the subject matter covers a variety of English dialects and accents, which is one of the defining features of the IELTS system.

In Seattle, the IELTS tests are generally given on Saturdays. Choose which date and location are best suited to your needs, but remember that space is limited, so try to book your spot early!

Guarantee your seat at the test

In order for your reservation to be finalized, you’ll need to complete the fee payment. Test fees are determined by the testing center, and the fee currently sits between $215 and $310. If you don’t reach your target score the first time, you are free to re-register and take the test again as many times as you wish until you do. However, given how much time and money this involves, it is highly recommended to prepare thoroughly and seriously for the IELTS well beforehand so you meet your goals the first time.

Test results will be made available approximately two weeks after you sit the test. You can either collect your scores from the test center directly or select to have them delivered via post. Note that the results are valid for two years.


The IELTS test centers in Seattle

There is currently only one test center authorized by the British Council in Seattle, so the choice should be an easy one!

ELS Language Centers Seattle
: 400 E Pine St #100, Seattle, WA 98122
Tel: + 1 206 329 1079
Email: [email protected]

The ELS branch in Seattle is located in the trendy Pike/Park section of Capitol Hill. You can easily reach the center via public transportation.

We made a list of numerous cities for you to pick in the US where you could also take the test such as Houston, NYC, BostonAtlantaDenverTampaCharlotteSan FranciscoSan Diego, Dallas, IndianapolisPittsburgPheonix and in Arizona.

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