You’ve surely heard of the IELTS test, which are some of the world’s most popular and most recognized tests of English proficiency. The IELTS tests are given to more than 3 million candidates every year. There’s nothing better to include in your CV for job or school applications in English-speaking countries and is even required to get a stay or study visa in certain countries as well.

This article will run through what you should expect from the IELTS tests, where to take them in Pittsburgh, and we’ll also give you our recommendations on how to prepare for the IELTS effectively and reach your objectives.

All this information and much more about taking the IELTS in Pittsburgh will follow, so get ready to get the score of your dreams!

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What to expect from the IELTS tests

The International English Testing System, as its name suggests, is given internationally and is produced and dispatched by the British Council. IELTS results are accepted by more than 3,400 institutions and organizations in the United States, including the Ivy League institutions. The IELTS is also required for visa purposes if you plan on moving to certain other English-speaking countries. The tests are administered at test locations all over the world, including in Pittsburgh.

There are two versions of the IELTS: Academic and General Training. As you probably can guess, the Academic version deals with mainly academic topics, but the General Training version focuses more on professional and everyday contexts. The Pittsburgh testing center has both versions available, but which one you should prepare for depends on the organization requesting your IELTS results; be sure you’re going to take the version right for you! And naturally, verify that the version you need is available at the Pittsburgh IELTS test location on the date you select. This, plus all registration details, will be displayed when you register to sit the test online.

What to expect from the IELTS tests

Register online

Provided that you’ve created an account on the British Council test-takers’ homepage, select “Take an exam,” then choose “IELTS” and the date. Your location will be Pittsburgh. Then, you’ll see which version of the IELTS is available on each testing date.

Regardless of which version you’re taking, you’ll be tested on your proficiency in the four basic language skill areas: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The IELTS is different from other English language tests in that it covers an array of English dialects and accents, so now you know what to study for! This is intended to provide a fair, comprehensive test for those who intend to study or work in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or of course, the United Kingdom.

The Pittsburgh center offers both IELTS tests approximately twice a month, but space is limited so be sure you register for the IELTS version you need as soon as possible.

What is the price of the test?

Now, your registration will only become finalized once you pay the test fee. Fees vary depending on the location, and the fee to sit the IELTS test in Pittsburgh is currently set at $260. You can pay immediately online when you book your test or pay by mail at the location directly.

IELTS results are reported about two weeks after you complete the test. You may either pick up your scores from the testing center directly or receive them by mail. If you’re not happy with your results, you’re allowed to re-register and take the test again until you get the score you need. However, given the time and expense of taking the IELTS, we think it’s a good idea to prepare for the IELTS well beforehand so you get the score you’re aiming for the first time!

Taking the IELTS tests in Pittsburgh

There is currently only one testing center in Pittsburgh accredited by the British Council, so it should be easy to remember!

Eurocentres Pittsburgh
Address: Point Park University, 14 Wood Street, West Penn Building, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Tel: + 1 412 927 7448
Email: [email protected]

The Eurocentres branch is located on the campus of Point Park University, Pittsburgh’s only Downtown university. They boast a fully equipped computer lab accessible to anyone with a disability so you can take your IELTS in optimal conditions.

We made a list of numerous cities for you to pick in the US where you could also take the test such as HoustonNYCBostonAtlantaDenverSeattleCharlotteSan DiegoDallasIndianapolis, San FranciscoPheonix and in Arizona.

How to prepare for the IELTS test

We’re sure that the most convenient and affordable way of preparing for the IELTS tests online is with GlobalExam. From the comfort of home, explore the GlobalExam platform, which has over 1,200 practice questions and more than 45 hours of study material. Try your hand at the IELTS simulations. Just enter your objective score and track your progress with real-time statistics.

You’ll surely agree that a mock test is the best way to experience the timing and format of the real test, which is why GlobalExam provides up to five full-length practice tests with corrections so you can work on your IELTS skills in real conditions.

Preparing for any test is a personal process where your goal should ultimately be to improve your English level overall. GlobalExam has IELTS-specific grammar and vocabulary sheets ready to help boost your English proficiency and reach your goals. Plus, you’ll get our tips, tricks, and strategies on how to manage your time efficiently on the test. Let GlobalExam help you get started on your international adventure in Pittsburgh!

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